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Thread: [Confirmed]Decay and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong

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    [Confirmed]Decay and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong


    If an Decay'd (Undying) unit gets to the limbo and reincarnates with Reincarnation (Skeleton King) or Aegis of Immortal, that unit reclaims his/her Strenght stats back. The Decay debuff should be preserved.
    If Undying gets to the limbo with Decay'd bonus strenght and then reincarnates with Aegis of Immortal, he loses the Decay'd strenght bonuses. The Decay, again, should be preserved.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Grab an Undying with Decay level 4 recommended
    2. Create an enemy Skeleton King with Reincarnation
    3. Repeatedly cast Decay on the Skeleton King
    4. Check SK's stats right before the last blow and kill him
    5. ----------
    6. Give Undying an Aegis of Immortal
    7. Steal some Strenght from the Skeleton King
    8. Kill Undying with the Skeleton King

    Current Result:

    Stats are reset after reincarnation in both cases.

    Expected Result:

    Stats should be preserved in both cases. Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.
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