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Thread: [Confirmed] Homing Missle and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong

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    [Confirmed] Homing Missle and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong


    If a Gyrocopter targets an enemy with Aegis of Immortal or a Skeleton King with Reincarnation, and the target gets to limbo while Rocket is still travelling, the Rocket gets blown, as if the target has died. It shouldn't.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Get a Gyrocopter with Homing Missle
    2. Create a Skeleton King as an enemy
    3. Lower Skeleton King's health, launch a Homing Missle to him, and
    4. Kill the Skeleton King while Homing Missle is travelling towards him

    Current Result:

    Homing Missle gets blown on the spot where it is, by the time Skeleton King gets killed.

    Expected Result:

    Homing Missle should continue travelling; fully functional, giving vision, ready to stun, accelerating. If the Skeleton King manages to Reincarnate before the Homing Missle arrives, he should get stunned and damaged by it.
    Rocket should get removed if its target dies, but...

    Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.

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    It seems that there's a lot of wrong interactions with Aegis/Reincarnation basically counting as a normal death (Bloodseeker says hi, has been bugged since forever). Probably all related to the same issue.
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    Yeah, but if I remember correctly, the Lone Druid's bear was also bugged and dying as the Lone Druid went to limbo.
    And it's not happening anymore. Bear carries on living as Lone Druid is reincarnating.

    So it looks like they are making individual fixes, which means that they have to be informed about each interaction so that they can fix...

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