This time, it's the other way around.


If Riki gets to the limbo with the Aegis of Immortal, he will start off invisible. He shouldn't.
The Permanent Invisibility state should get removed by getting to the limbo.
Actually, not only when he gets to the limbo, but he should also lose it as he dies, too. But the Aegis'd limbo case is much more important.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Get a Bounty Hunter with Track
  2. Create an enemy Riki with Permanent Invisibility and give him an Aegis of Immortal
  3. Track the Riki somehow (activate allvision, make him attack you once, track him, activate normalvision)
  4. Make sure there is no other detection other than Track on the Riki
  5. Kill Riki
  6. (The Track will get removed as it should, Track is not bugged)

Current Result:

Riki comes back to life from the limbo invisible.

Expected Result:

Riki should come back to life visible first, then get back invisible in 3/2,25/1,5 seconds in case he does not attack.

It can be reproduced with a Dust of Appearance aswell.
In a battle where Riki is attempting to flee, and being chased down, a Bounty Hunter could and would Track Riki once again it reincarnates, and possibly kill Riki once again with some help.
This bug also happens on actual death. Riki should be visible on the initial respawn after actual death. It is unlikely for a Bounty Hunter to camp in the enemy base and Track Riki as he respawns (unless they are fountain camping/farming), so that aspect is not that so important. Still, that is a bug, too.