I don't know what exactly Recall checks or should check to get cancelled. Is there a damage thereshold or does it get cancelled by any kind of damage? Is the damage type important?

But Recall is not getting cancelled with self-damage on Dota 2. Self-damage should cancel Recall according to DotA 6.77 Test Map.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Grab a Keeper of the Light
  2. Create an allied Bloodseeker or Pudge
  3. Cast Spirit Form and then Recall to the Bloodseeker or Pudge
  4. Cast Rot with Pudge or Bloodrage to yourself with Bloodseeker

Current Result:

Recall keeps on charging, and successfully teleports at the end.

Expected Result:

Recall should get cancelled.

If someone could clarify the Recall cancelling criteria, it would be great.