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Thread: [Confirmed]Black Hole and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong

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    [Confirmed]Black Hole and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong


    Units that are in the limbo, that are to be reborn within seconds with the assistance of Aegis of Immortal or the skill Reincarnation (Skeleton King) cannot be dragged by the Black Hole. It is a Black Hole, it drags everything, except buildings, couriers, allied heroes, allied units, projectiles... nevermind

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Get an Enigma with Black Hole
    2. Create an enemy Skeleton King with Reincarnation
    3. Kill the Skeleton King, and right after that
    4. Cast a Black Hole somewhere near the tomb of the King, but not right on top
    5. Wait for the Skeleton King to get back to life

    Current Result:

    Skeleton King reincarnates on the spot where he died.

    Expected Result:

    Skeleton King should reincarnate on the spot where he would be if he hadn't been dead and was dragged by the Black Hole. Because... science. It is a magnificient black hole. Nothing can resist it.
    Jokes aside, this is the W3 DotA interaction.

    Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.

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    Graves from aegis/reincarnation should get pulled by black hole?

    Odd interaction...doesn't make much difference either way, unless you somehow pull someone down/up a hill.

    Another thing, Wc3 DotA parity is no longer the goal of DotA 2.

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