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Thread: One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

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    These People shouldn't be able to play this game
    trench people.png

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    The opposing team was either a 5 stack or a 3 stack. They absolutely destroyed us, the end score was 41-9 I believe. Most of their team had 400+ wins and the average on our team was 2-300. I was playing with a friend of mine, I don't know if anybody else on our team knew each other.

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    Im in the top 99% rated of players, frequently on the top live games. 2408 DBR. And i got in this game. Blue had 0 games played. And was silencing creeps as Nightstalker. Needless to say the game was a joke.

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    Match ID: 132268708

    Description: Our opponent compose of 2 stacks because I played them before this match thats why I know and my teammates just keep on feeding bottom at the start of the game.

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    Match: 132666790

    2 Russians, a Chilean, and a blank profile on my team. The other team wasn't too different. US West.

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    Need I say more. I guess this is the VALVfaile's way of sayin your wining streak ends.

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    stomped hard, the 4 man stack on my team was so bad the enemy stopped farming creeps to farm heroes... their team was 10 times better than our best player....and i think they weren't even a stacked team (2+2+1 something like that, can't really check with dotabuff)

    51/14 final score, achieved only tnx to a diven rapier on our alchemist....

    these games are a waste of time....


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    Match ID : 133121108

    Reason : We found ourselves a team consisting of 5 random people playing against an organised 4-man stack + 1 random(rauros). It was unfair to the point of total pubstomp.


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    pubstomp, 5 man vs randoms

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaspm View Post
    I just reported this 40 minutes ago, and now it's even more worse.


    WHY THE FUCK AM I GETTING MATCHED IN A TEAM OF 4 OTHER RANDOMS (i've checked), AGAINST A 5 MAN STACK WITH iG.Ferrari (checked their games, they've been together for last few games so undeniable).

    Worst 40 minutes of my life and proof that matchmaking is shit.
    According to, that's not the legit iG.Ferrari. Note that the names are all "Anonymous". Verified users' names show up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitokiri Battousai View Post
    Firstly hi, i am not a racist but really i hate all of russians....

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