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Thread: One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

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    The opposing team has a lvl 150 with over 900 wins and we get a lvl 1 who feeds and then quits the game. How poor is the matchmaking system if it groups players with such a large difference in lvl? I'm seriously thinking of quitting dota 2. I'm sick of this. This situation happens in a large percentage of my games. How difficult is it to program the system to only group players within X lvls of each other?

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    A bunch of players tryharding with CK + Wisp, and an ally venomancer who doesn't know how to ward and farms instead (he says he's a support though)

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    tide hunter is easily a personal most hated hero. really not good at tide. talked about buying dagons but ended up going manaboots > radiance > blinkdagger. really strange plays on the enemy team as a whole, especially np and qop. worse than you would expect from someone whos literally brand new to the game, or at least haven't brought a new player in that did things this bad. cant even really explain it, look at the replay. should have died a lot more and gotten far fewer kills. didnt even need to be with team at all at any point. 4v5 was 100% possible.

    also reported by friend as a joke, probably enemy team too and mutebanned after that beyond onesided match. friend didnt think it would take only 'one report' to cause a ban. already didn't talk much, talking 1/10th as much as of late. maybe because it only takes one report to cause another ban after first ban? either way this game was a psychadelic shade of one sided in our favour. maybe they reported too out of mad about it?

    clip (2013-06-27 at 09.26.15).png

    since dotabuff doesn't show everyone's accounts anymore, and is thus worthless to prove its onesided, here you go. check out the premade invoker and the pub 5.25/1 drow with 712 gpm.

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    Enemy team had a lot more communication, basically over by the 20 min mark, and we just got steamrolled.

    Match id: 222093095

    Was a basic 20 min pubstomp.

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    A level 1 plyer with 4 wins with 200 wins players... unbelievable

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    Thank you for this pinnacle of a mming system Valve. Two people with under 10 wins against a team where everyone has at least 100. Also, this game is marked as being a 'high' skill game. Blizzard could learn a thing or two from you guys. I don't know about everyone else, but boy do I love wasting 20 minutes of my life playing a game where the only thing you can do is proceed to get curb stomped. Could you guys maybe add a new mode where I get paired with the four lowest ranked players available and put me up against the five best? I think that would be a blast!

    What's great is this thread exists for no reason what so ever other than to give the appearance that someone gives a shit. I've been playing in beta for a year and a half now and I'm pretty sure the mming system hasn't changed in any meaningful way. Keep up the great work and keep making cool hats because I don't really care if this game is fun or competitive as long as I can get a cool hat.

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    Laughable, they left Io on suicide line alone and it took him a while to go bot after I told him to swap. LS took jungle and has pathetic farm, also chose armlet as a first item (class). Necrolyte fed mid like there's no tomorrow which SF knew to appreciate having 17-3 score.

    Match: 231453835
    20-minute stomp. Alchemist fed like a boss 0-6, tiny and visage weren't far off with 2-7 and 2-8, no one bought a courier. Kudos to other team as they pushed mid to the throne immediately, at least they showed some class.

    And to top everything off, both games were in "high matchmaking". Game, set and match - Volvo.
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    This one confused me so badly I had to dust off my lurker account. I've been playing since a few weeks after beta began and have around 2300 games and 1158 wins. Right now I usually get matched into the high or very high bracket, not front page of the 'live games' list or anything, but not exactly bottom of the barrel either. The only time I normally get put into medium is when I'm queuing with my brother who is at a much lower level than me. So why when solo queuing am I randomly dropped into a low tier medium level game with several people who clearly have no idea what they're doing? I'm playing Shadow Demon, on my team I have a Phantom Assassin with 0 wins, a Pugna with 6, a Storm Spirit with 30, and an Invoker with 1. On the other team we have a Templar Assassin with 1, a Meepo with 16, A Phantom Lancer with 14, a Venomancer with 4, and a Zeus with 12.

    I started off paired with Phantom Assassin who promptly leveled his dodge first, bought boots, and then went top for no reason whatsoever leaving me alone bot. Which of course wasn't a problem as the opposing team didn't know how to play either. The entire game PA spent his time running around aimlessly, feeding, buying random items like a quarter staff or helm of iron will, selling those and buying new random items, and complaining about how hard this "class" was. Invoker didn't know he could put up 3 quas instances and didn't seem to figure out how to invoke spells until a good 15 minutes in. On the other team Phantom Lancer bought nothing but a vanguard and I seriously didn't see him the entire game so I have no idea what else he was doing. Same story with Meepo. TA told me he just made a new account so that explains what he was doing there, and of course being the only carry who had a clue we eventually lost a boring 50 something minute grind of a game.

    Now I'm not a pro, but I at least understand how the game works and I can play most heroes and do at the least a decent job with them which is more than can be said about any other person in this match. I do think I deserve a bit more out of matchmaking than being matched into a game full of people who installed the game for the first time a few hours ago. I'm well used to the punishment-for-winning one sided stomps the game throws at me after a win streak but this one is the single most egregious example of broken matchmaking I've witnessed yet. How am I ever supposed to move up to the next level when instead of matching me with players of a similar skill, matchmaking flat out insults me by sticking me with people like this?

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    Pretty much the same as M-yowell described. One person had 117 wins, everyone else was somewhere around 20. No one but Enchantress knew what they were doing so we eventually lost after 40 mins.

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    My teammates:
    2/22 Timbersaw
    6/14 Invoker (solo mid, i think he started with 1/7 or so)
    3/11 KotL
    Doom was okay.

    Enemy team retards:
    5/9 Clinkz
    14/7 Naix

    All of these players should clearly not be in same game as I am.

    Next game: 233523553

    I predicted a total rape in pre-game as I saw the picks. My predictions were 100% true. I didn't even try hard and I seem to have acomplished most (ie, we got 70% of kills due to either my armors or ults). Even though I went to woods to just afk farm and wait for it to be over, I somehow managed to get more then mirana and BB. Truely a splendid matchmaking system. I don't think I could have done any worse, excluding by intentional feeding, but some people manage to do even worse. Sad, really.

    I assume its happening because I had a 6 games win streak.
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