This thread is to compile a list of all matches which you felt were completely one-sided.

If you want to post an unbalanced match in this thread you will need to post in this specific format:

Match ID: xxxxxxxxxx

Description: Why do you think this was one-sided? Were there any particularly strong or weak players? If so, were both teams in the same situation? Did someone say something like it's their first time to play a hero? Was one of the team dynamics off (wrong heroes picked). Basically, give as much info as possible to help the devs investigate.

Each Match ID needs to have a separate description.


Remember, we are looking for completely one-sided games. If it was only a bit one-sided then please don't post it in here. Also, if someone was intentional feeding or disconnected/AFK/fountain camping then please don't report those here. We are looking for specific issues with the matchmaking algorithms only.

All posts that don't match the above format will be deleted.