Match ID: 3136507199

I have played around 3000 games and I got matchmaked with a team of 3 people who were playing their 2nd game after a year, but probably almost all of their games were back in 2013 (at least judging by the one visible Dotabuff account). They ended up going double mid with Jakiro and Storm Spirit and LC went jungle. They left a solo PL (who was another good player) on top with no support. The game ended with them feeding 0-11, 1-15, 4-15 and was completely one-sided after the laning stage was over.

I checked the previous game of these guys and it is Match 3136469167. They fed as well enormously. Isn't a year-long break enough reason to lower someone's rating in unranked MM? And if it isn't, a very well fed games after a gap should be enough.