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Thread: [Confirmed] Ice Blast and Aegis interaction is wrong

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    [Confirmed] Ice Blast and Aegis interaction is wrong


    If an Ancient Apparition holds an Aegis of Immortal, projects an Ice Blast, and goes to limbo without releasing the Ice Blast, Ice Blast releases itself anyway. It should keep on projecting further, and if not reached the limits of the map, manually be released by the Ancient Apparition after coming back to life.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Grab an Ancient Apparition with Ice Blast and give him a shiny Aegis of Immortal
    2. Cast the Ice Blast to somewhere without releasing it
    3. Kill Ancient Apparition somehow (haha jokes on you, you can't)

    Current Result:

    Ice Blast gets auto-released as the Ancient Apparition gets into the limbo, soon to be returned with reincarnation.

    Expected Result:

    Ice Blast should keep on projecting further, auto-released if hits the borders of the map, or if Ancient Apparition manages to return back to life beforehand and manually releases it.

    At first, I thought like this might be intentional...
    But then I though, well, Ice Blast is getting auto-released with actual death, and this behavior can surely be made with reincarnation, too, can't it?
    And on the other hand, why should it behave like this anyway? Just because Ancient Apparition cannot release the Blast by himself for a brief period, shouldn't mean that it should be auto-released.
    It doesn't get auto-released when you are silenced, or stunned. Orchid hinders you from releasing just as much as Aegis does.

    Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.

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    I have checked all resurrection related reports of mine, and only this one hasn't been confirmed/added.
    Is it because it just got missed, or is it because you are not sure?

    I do not know about the full features of W3.
    But since the Ice Blast release can get triggered to be cast with the actual Death, I think it should be possible to get it triggered by reincarnation, too.

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    Probably just missed it :P Nice work btw

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