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Thread: Failed to create D3D Device

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    Failed to create D3D Device

    Whenever I boot up my computer and start Steam/Dota 2, the loading screen pops up then an error occurs.
    "Failed to create D3D Device! Please see following URL for more info (" However I don't have the graphics card which it lists.

    I've managed to get Dota working a couple of times right after I start my computer at the start of the day and reinstall my graphics card drivers but it often doesn't work, and doesn't work if I regularly reboot.
    Also, if I do get it to work and I quit Dota, then I can't re-enter it because of the error.

    GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX560
    CPU: Intel i5-2500K at 3.3GHz
    8GB RAM at 1066MHz
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    I've tried verifying the game cache, which didn't work. I've also tried reinstalling DirectX. Any help please?

    EDIT: I have managed to get Dota working by using my motherboard graphics (Gigabyte Z68-UD3H-B3) although it's on practically lowest settings.
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    Did you try the solution though? (disregarding your gpu being not in the list)

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    Yes, I tried setting the -dxlevel 81. Didn't work.

    I also tried setting -w 1920 and -h 1080, which also didn't work.

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    I had it too. The only fix was to drop the quality settings inside dota and the windows control panel. It had nothing to do with start up parameters.

    Although it's not something certain, some friends think it might be a PSU issue not dealing enough or too much current to the GPU as it uses up more memory\power. Not sure what to believe, but when I have things on medium it doesn't crash. Same problem with another game: Alan Wake. No fix for Alan Wake yet, though. The other games don't crash.

    The way I got it to work with Dota is using borderless 1440x900, no AA, no Specular, Water Qual is on, no fog, low shadows, anim portrait is on, no add light pass, world lighting is on, no ambient occ, medium textures, rendering is to the max and no ambient creatures. In Windows' control panel I set it most options to application controlled (and some other useless options are either on or off depending on the case).

    I'll order a PSU next month and see if the problem goes away when it's all maxed up.

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    Most of my other Steam games won't start either due to some graphics errors (Saints Row 3, TF2, Bastion, L4D2).
    But I've got a 750W PSU which should be more than enough. How'd you change the settings of Dota without getting in-game to change it?

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    Well my D2 starts. After a while I got graphical artifacts and the PC crashed. Either blue screen (once or twice) or just froze. When I was lucky I had the error and it quits to the desktop. Please not that if do get the error that it can't create the D3D render device you need to restart the PC. No game will start after you get that error.

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    If you are getting artifacts, it is better to replace the card.

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    My problem was that Dota 2 would start but immediately stop due to the error. After I clicked 'OK', it would always just quit to desktop. Same goes for my other games. I don't get any graphical artifacts at all.

    However I did manage to fix my problem by connecting my monitor to the motherboard graphics and then turning off my computer for a while (going to sleep). When I woke up I reconnected the monitor to my graphics card, and everything was working again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CvP View Post
    If you are getting artifacts, it is better to replace the card.
    I don't get them anymore. It was just an issue when everything was on high. I seem to remember posting the crashdumps some hunded years ago, but nobody replied or checked them.
    As I said, I only have this in 2 games so I don't think it's a card issue.

    @Jack Sparrow: glad to hear it's fixed

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    I'm having this issue too. I'm on a laptop with a nVIDEA 635M card. My other games work, just not Dota 2, so I'm not sure it's a driver or graphics card issue.

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