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I do know what 'HUD' is and my request was to make a small display that can turn off sound files containing rough stuff. And for exampol 'H@ly SH1T' thing is spoken by all the announcers. I mean i dont protest against lot-off-blood stuff or some nasty models, but hearing such words that make me and similar guys upset is not really concerned with getting gaming pleasure.
I repeat...

The game is rated M for language, violence, etc. If you don't want rated M material, don't play rated M games.

And... AND... let's pretend a language filter was put on the announcer voice. Guess what? "Holy Shit" is by FAR much less offensive than 95% of the filth that is yelled over the mic and text from other players. I'll be blunt on this topic: Deal with the content or please just play another game. LoL doesn't have a "holy shit" announcement, just go play that if all you need is a some sort of MOBA fix.