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Thread: Skywrath Mage (Yet Another) Fan Lore

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    Skywrath Mage (Yet Another) Fan Lore

    And this is the gazzilionth fan-made lore for an unreleased hero to be posted in this subsection. Truly it is something to celebrate.

    There is not much a commoner knows of the Skywrath realms. As a matter of fact, a king of a scholar is kindly in much of a favor when it comes to a comparison - the suspicious, anxious and vengeful people of the eastern reaches don't take kindly to intruders, be it a crossing flock of birds or a tired, aged stranger. However, while one could say that what enters the Skywrath lands rarely leaves, it would not be entirely correct to claim the opposite true as well. Every so often, the Skywrath would send out one of their people - with no defined departure schedule or any semblance of system in their trades and personalities, they dub themselves exiles and travel round the world, as ready to communicate with others as a Skywrath possibly can. They are the only sources of information on what goes on in the sealed kingdoms of the winged, paranoia-wrecked beings.

    The mage Dragonus is not one of them. His departure was signaled by a spastic flare of light and color raging over the borders of the curtained kingdom, the gargantuan mountains covering the entrances blasted and wrecked in his wake. What was left of the skywrathi border patrol has become food for scavenging vermin and anathomy enthusiasts, and what came out alive went on to stride across the lands for purposes ambigious and for reasons not fully known. To those who had the questionable fortune of meeting him he appeared rather uncharacteristic of his nation - disturbingly open and alarmingly light-hearted, the considerably young mage was apparently in search of a magic academy or "whatever the professors couldn't get their talons on yet". To this very day, many an academy and library swooped through, the unlikely Skywrath stranger glides across the lands on the back of his hawkbeast, his own wings never showing, on an apparent search to find out as much about the world's true history as he can. There is, still, one subtle coincidence in the rows of self-contradicting tales he tells and the chaotic movements of him and his flying steed - the deaths of Skywrath exiles that were known to be generous in their tales of the homeland have increased drastically.

    Hero Responses:

    As always, I prefer to leave out the more generic lines.

    I've my own reasons to do this. It's buiseness.
    I'll do this for all the skywrathi.
    The one and only, yours truly.
    I'm just one of many, but let's get acquainted - Dragonus.

    Battle Begins
    Let's do this by my book.
    Time to remind myself why I was excited for this.

    First Blood
    First Blood! This is so like my home.
    First Blood! Haven't seen anything this intense.
    The most arcane blood to be spilled to date!

    Onward, we're on a time limit here.
    One, two, three, forward.
    Coming through, clear the skies.
    All this arcanery is weighing me down.
    Can't wait.
    Well, this feels like flying.

    Sky's wrath!
    Skywrathi strike!
    Por Flam Vulgari!
    You're not stopping me!
    Give it up.
    I am no maniac, but you're on the line.
    Smite and slaughter!
    Can't afford delays over here!
    I've time to zap you!

    Spell Order Issued
    Arcana Incanta!
    That won't take long!

    Casting Arcane Bolt
    Por Flam Instanta!
    Por Igni!
    We always smite with intellegence.

    Casting Concussive Shot
    Rel Por!
    Vas Uus!
    Barriers fall!
    Wherever you are.

    Casting Ancient Seal
    Vas Por Nex Nex-nex-nex-nex!
    Porflam Scripta!
    Got to get the hyerogliphics right.
    State of art.

    Casting Mystic Flare
    Vas Por Flam Nex Everything!
    R-right in the mana!
    Refugee sweep!

    Gaining a Level
    I've been dreaming.
    The sky almost seems close enough.
    Time to make this beast soar.
    Now I'm remembering my tomes.
    Just don't forget the list.
    It's a good day to be writing history.
    Soon enough it'll start flying without my help!
    I've been waiting.

    Killing a Hero
    What was there to you, really?
    I strode the world border to border, and only now did I notice you at all.
    To live, and to die, in mediocrity.
    There's not much left to bury. Thankfully, I can't see anyone caring.
    That's some fine vapor.
    And here they said that the Quwextort essences were the only trustworthy ones.
    You're just a burden to read through in a dusty tome.
    Winner wraps up.
    That's one less on my list.
    Well, now we're making progress.

    Last Hitting:
    Let's not devalue it all at once.
    The art of press and stress.
    Snitch by stitch.
    Maybe I could buy something that can actually fly.
    That didn't melt?
    Now, we used to fight over bits of this.

    The sky's too far!
    The wings I've earned...
    Don't leave me haaa-
    Noone will know.
    Couldn't quite hold it...
    Outsmarted... myself.
    Be warned!
    It was a peaceful mission!..
    I can't, afford, delays.
    Death has got time for me? I haven't...
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    Winner wraps up.

    I see what you did there BRONY, WINTER WRAP UP MUCH?

    Nah just kiddin', good job, was fun to read.
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    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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