If the Skeleton King that has been affected by the Melting Strike (Forged Spirit from Invoker) is sent to limbo, while having the skill Reincarnation (Skeleton King), he comes back to life without the Melting Strike negative armor debuff.
No issues with actual Death.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Get an Invoker with Forged Spirit
  2. Create an enemy Skeleton King with Reincarnation
  3. Cast/create Forged Spirits and make them attack the Skeleton King
  4. Kill him by a hit of the Forged Spirit with the Melting Strike
  5. Wait for the Skeleton King to come back to life

Current Result:

Skeleton King resurrects without the Melting Strike debuff.

Expected Result:

As the Skeleton King resurrects, the Melting Strike should still have 2 seconds of remaining time before wearing off. So in case he was dead with the -10 armor by the Melting Strike, he had to resurrect with -10 armor debuff.
If he was hit by a Melting Strike within that 2 seconds interval, the debuff should get reapplied for 5 seconds, and so on...

This most probably applies to the reincarnation by holding Aegis of Immortal, too. But due to 5 seconds of resurrection delay, it is impossible to reproduce.
The Melting Strike debuff is removed with actual Death, which is alright.

Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.