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Thread: [Suggestion] Enable Polls + Ready check in private game lobbies

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    [Suggestion] Enable Polls + Ready check in private game lobbies

    A very simple suggestion I have arose when I was inside of a lobby in a custom Mid Only match. As we were trying to decide on which hero to do a Same Heroes Only Mid match I wondered how convenient it would be if perhaps the host of the private match or people he/she assigns could create a poll within that lobby whereby players and/or broadcasters could quickly type in something like /a, /b, /c or /y, /n or !yes and !no in order to decide upon whether or not to remake or apply a certain filter.

    Also do you remember the old lobby had a ready check feature that didn't work? Why not implement that for real too?

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    or put a box next to every player name that he have to check before game be able to start. Just saiyan.
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