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Thread: [Confirmed] Enfeeble is reducing too much damage

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    [Confirmed] Enfeeble is reducing too much damage


    Enfeeble is reducing the damage by 30/60/90/120, regardless of anything.

    Reproduction Step:
    1. Cast Enfeeble on anything

    Current Result:

    Enfeeble reduces 30/60/90/120 damage from the victim.

    Expected Result:

    Enfeeble should reduce 30/60/90/120 damage at max. If the victim has, let's say 80 (76 - 84) damage, then it should reduce 30/60/76/76 damage from the victim.
    And, if the victim has bonus damage, let's say, a Divine Rapier, it shouldn't affect that bonus damage that comes from the item.
    So a 80 (76 - 84) + 300 damage should still be reduced by 30/60/76/76.

    Edit Screenshot:

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