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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    Well yeah i do realise fountain stomp is somewhat common, and i dont mind it at all, but when it comes to this extent of planning to fountain stomp everyone buying ethereal + dagon 5 and actually doing it for 40 min + making sure all in the enemy team have 1-45 in stats.. then i think it's too much and i think a punishment would be reasonable.. but ye whatever.. as i said i did provide the match id if anyone wanna check it out.

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    Here's some feedback. I really hope the Valve dev sees this.
    You should not be queued again with people that you Reported. Especially putting these people on your team. This is very frustrating.
    Also, it seems that something was changed in the matchmaking that I now spend much less time searching for a match, and my matches are consistently worse.
    Not showing the skill bracket you match was on really takes a lot of the fun out of the game. You really should be able to see if you're getting a)better/worse, b) in which bracket you generally are.

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    Had a game where we had 5 solo players vs a full 5 stack. We still won but its not a good experience.

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    any idiot can creat smurf acc and ruine games for normal player
    like this
    wisp (
    he all game use ultimate for tp teammates on any hightground and leave them.
    look at other player they all have 52-53% wr and 1k+ games.
    and look this wisp dotabuff he is proffesional feeder 0-37 on furi etc

    and i dislike

    cruel punishment for leave
    but for feed and ruine games/trolling too much people unpunished

    lol irony,when i read this post i search game and in my team was smurf acc player,he leave after fb on him.

    I DODGE.
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    Solo queue 28% winrate with 200 games is matched against a 5-stack of 3000 game ex-pro players.
    The solo queue had lost 19 of his previous 20 games. The 5-stack had each lost between 1 and 3 of their previous 20.

    Hilariously mismatched teams.

    I can be hired to program this game.
    Dear Valve,
    I've seen a computer before. I think I may be using one right now. This means I'm qualified to code your games, right?
    Awesome. Just text me when you're ready for me to start. I promise I won't do anything but input new cosmetics. I might even be able to mess up an existing feature while doing it! Win Win!
    Pulling Out Works

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    dislike = everything about the late matchmaking
    like= the early matchmaking when i just started playing dota 2..

    People with 500 hrs should not get in a game with someone with 1300 hrs.. thats just stupid.. Practice makes perfect.. everyone can have bad games, so if someone have a bad game and have 1300 hrs, his punish should be to play with people with 500 hrs?

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    dislike =
    - if i select spanish as queue option i expect to be matched with spanish speakers. portuguese speakers select portuguese and we are all matched together.
    - A two man stack being matched to a full 5 man party. The teams are 2-1-1-1 vs 5 and its uneven.
    - ELO ratings are corrupted.

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    Sigh... Because we can't make new threads and make it abundantly obvious how bad this problem is and how there has not been a single comment on how this could be addressed or even admitting there is a problem.

    I guess this goes in a generic thread where it will be forgotten. God I hate people sometimes, I really do... Apologies for those who read this twice, but I doubt it seeing as no one will pay attention to generic post one thousand and something.

    I normally like to be very constructive in my feedback, but there are literally no positives from matchmaking other than it actually allows people to play a game which I would define as a necessary function. We aren't even given any information on how it functions so we can't even see if it's working as intended, how can we possibly give notable feedback on it if there's no basic information. If it's supposed to mismatch players like this, then yeah it's working, but I strongly doubt it.


    I would argue 92-96% of my games are extremely one sided and are steam rolls with one team being far better than the other. 4-8% are with a slight but still noticeable skill difference while 1% I feel it's remotely close to being even, the game might not go that way and still might steamroll or end quickly but just in terms of obvious impression of skill level.

    Here's the thing, I don't like playing support. I'll do it because most of the time nobody else does and it's not so bad if I'm adequately helped by my team and it's necessary but it has the least impact on the game whereas the idiots who pick carry every game and then proceed to beeline a luxury item such as radiance while neglecting boots get to decide who wins or loses. It's no use buying wards and placing them well if players ignore or don't see what they reveal.

    It's very rare I feel remotely responsible for a loss and I can only think of one game in recent time where that was the case and even then one guy was more responsible and the whole team was good about it and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had and it's what I still play this game for.

    I'm not saying I'm some sort of dota god, I'm not, I actually want to feel responsibility for a loss every so often so I can actually learn something and improve myself rather than being forced to conclude, you lost again because the dota lottery wanted you to lose.

    I don't get how I can be paired with players who don't buy wards as support (on the rare opportunity I feel its safe to select a role I actually I want to play), and sometimes don't even buy courier and sometimes don't upgrade it until well past 11 minutes or I just do it because I don't want to feed the enemy team gold. They also steal last hits and don't buy usual support items like Mek either. Or carries who have 5 or 4 empty inventory spots with not even basic boots so they can beeline a luxury item while completely not knowing the fact that the cheaper items are insanely cost efficient.

    Playing with a friend or two doesn't always help either because you can still get one or two of these people and it just boggles the mind how the matchmaking can pair such players together.

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    -what does this matchmaking system even make besides mismatching people?

    ? (Not rhetorical, I seriously can't find one)

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