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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    • Queue times

    These seem fine to me.
    • All Random


    • Private mode option implemented the other day

    I really dislike the fact that you guys included this and basically stopped DotaBuff's DBR from seeing the light of day. DotA is a COMPETITIVE e-sport. It THRIVES on competition and ratings. Ask anyone that's ever played DotA 1 or is still currently playing it on bnet. Games there are bot-hosted to allow for as little ping as possible and all stats are tracked. You can view your own stats or the stats of anyone that has played a game on that bot with a simple whisper command and many of the bots have their own stat tracking websites.
    For DotA2 to be a true successor, it NEEDS sites like DotaBuff and a PUBLIC rating system.
    • Playing with non-English speakers

    This is a huge problem for the majority of the community. Nobody likes getting paired with teammates they can't even communicate with, regardless of their skill level. To fix this I'll suggest either region locking servers or implementing a UI dropdown box in the options that has a preferred language selection. The matchmaking system would then use this in its formula for creating a balanced 5v5 match. This would allow people that speak different languages to still join the same game servers, except all the English speakers would be on the same team.
    • Playing with people I've muted or reported

    This is also a thorn in many people's sides. I suggest a simple blacklist check would work here and the names could expire from the list after a week or so.
    • Creating and finding private games needs something more

    There should be a default list of private games that are currently being hosted. This would include games that have no password or name. This way, people hosting matches like 2v2-OM or Blue vs Pink could type that into the game name and then leave the password blank. The game would then be available for anyone to see and join, instead of relying on in game chat channels to look for players as not all players are in one chat channel. You could then also search by game title, which would preform a partial matching so that players could type either "2v2" or "3v3" or "blue" into the search parameters and then all games including those terms would be seen. This would be a great improvement over the current searching system which uses case sensitive passwords.

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    5v5 premade cm are 90% of the time good, balanced games.
    inhouse games are good an easy to find.


    playing solo, no matter what mode, is a most of the time a waste. either you get a free win or a 30 min pub stomp. for example, i am playing dota for 3 years now, positiv mm rating and all that and i come to play with or against players you never heart of meta game, hero roles, lanes etc.

    one of my room mates plays WoW and i acutally like the browser there. you can sign up for roles before you start playing. maybe that would make the team more balanced since you got all roles covert somehow and don't have to play against 5 carries. it would also help to rate players in more versatile way. like that player is a good support but a bad carry etc.

    on the other hand i gotta admit that you would pretty much cut out any kind of hero role innovation like a naga support, kunkka support whatever. you would pretty much only pick from a stable stack of heroes.

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    I dislike the skill disparity in most of my games when solo queueing. I'm not expecting to win all of my games, but being put in a "very high" match where players don't know basic fundamentals (last hitting, warding, etc) indicates to me that MM is putting players of significantly lower rating into the match, perhaps as a "balance" or to reduce queue times. I don't mean to bring up HON, but they added a feature that gave the user a choice, would you rather a) have a faster queue time but perhaps more skill variance between players, or b) a longer queue time and a more accurate match. Given that I only have time for a few matches per week, I would rather wait an extra 2-10 min in queue for a game of high quality, than to be put into a fast match with players of widely varying skill.

    There are 2 solutions to this (off the top of my head):
    1. Provide a similar user option (like Hon) where you can specify your preference on queue time vs match quality
    2. Adjust the thresholds before which MM increases the search range outside of 1 standard deviation from your rating (or the average rating of your Group).


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    - Fast matchmaking
    - Much choises; gamemode and servers, especially no server restricitions!
    - Overall good MM system. No major dislikes!

    - Like everyone else have been saying, the MM system is too much of a mystery, even if you dont want to release rankings please explain how it all works to avoid "rumors" about it which often leads to raging.
    - Please add unraked Matchmaking! Sometimes i want to play less/none serious and sometimes i want to tryhard! And if i get in a team where our ambitions differs too much its hard to cooperate. The unranked mode should not count towards your MM rank/status, but it should still take it in consideration when you search, so you face "unserious" people with the same skill!
    - Personally i would like you to either cooperate with Dotabuff/create a similar service that shows some kind of ranking as well (it can be hidden if a player chooses to). The tanking should not be based on KD or KDA ration though, we don't want it to ruin the teamplay!

    Thanks for listening to the community!

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    I like the fast queues, and the well balanced teams. I enjoy the recent addition of All Random.

    I dislike the lack of personally available stats. You should be able to easily see where you stand (Matchmaking Ranking / Percentile) in your profile, just as you can see your losses and abandons.

    I dislike playing with players that don't speak my language, which happens too often. There should be an optional language filter when entering queue.

    I dislike being forced to always have the possibility to be paired with or against other random player teams in solo matchmaking queue. There should be an extra filter option to only be paired with other solo queue players.

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    Game modes.
    I love the draft modes and it's great that I can pick multiple and queue for all of them at the same time.

    Server regions.
    Having a reasonably comprehensive list of servers to pick for different regions (Australia!) is really nice.


    Skill disparity in matchmaking.
    I don't queue for Australia now because, despite having played over 300 games now, I was getting matched with people who had barely played a handful of games. I feel like a lot of the games I'm losing are due to one or two teammates punching too high above their weight and vice versa for a fair amount of the games I win.
    I'd like to see a threshold where a game isn't created if players of a similar skill level aren't found.

    Players who select all regions.
    Aside from shorter queue times, I don't think there's a reason for people to be selecting all possible servers to play on. Aside from the language barrier, which doesn't really bother me much, you have players lagging, complaining about lagging, and/or disconnecting because they're lagging.
    Limit the regions you can queue for to two or three, or if possible, in the instance multiple are selected, identify regions far from the player's location as low-priority, last resort options.

    Recorded losses from abandoned players.
    I've had a few games recently where players have left and it has resulted in a recorded loss for us when leaving the game. I have a vague idea of how this works and like the idea but in general I think it should be more forgiving on the remaining team members and more severe towards the player who abandons. Having an abandonment count for something like double or triple the losses would make players think twice about dropping or playing on unstable connections.

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    I dislike being matched as a solo player against parties and with parties.

    If you're with a party they usually don't communicate with you or they gang up on you. If you're against a party you're at an immediate disadvantage.

    I want to play with a bunch of solo queuers.

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    - Party match making.
    too good.
    - Enforcing good conduct.
    Though the report system is good, the process to see results should be faster.

    - It always has to be ranked match making.
    I understand the need for ranking systems, but I don't think it would hurt too much for people that just want to play casually to have an option that doesn't rank the participants. This goes to not having to worrying about players who will rage about their rank going down when the game is going badly and start yelling at teammates/enemies.

    Providing a non-ranked mode could work to improve user experience. Another idea a friend and I have is to provide a more in depth public lobby systems based off player ranking. Valve, you do public lobbies in Left4Dead 2, I'm actually surprised it's so closed off in Dota 2. So, instead of finding a matchmaking game players can create public lobbies that have players within their skill bracket. Though finding the lobby is based on Match Making Ranking, the game will go un-ranked.

    As it stands right now, there is a lot of leg work involved on the player's end in order to play games in non-ranked environment: finding an in house game and/or filling a lobby up by announcing the lobby in chats; if the lobbies were just listed publicly, players wouldn't have to continuously announce they have a lobby looking for players and hope an interested party notices it. Interested parties would find the lobby because it is listed. I rarely find lobbies and when I do it's usually that I get booted out of them because I used the password (a guess).

    - Getting matched with players that cannot understand my native tongue.

    It's nigh impossible to communicate with teammates that don't speak your language. I like the fact that a chat wheel was added, but for me it's not the greatest tool for actually communicating fast enough while in a team fights.

    Restrict players from randomly encountering players of other languages in solo queue. You can base the language selection on which one the client is running in. I am getting sick and tired of matching making with pirates. There are always team fights before the game begins because pirates always want to lvl 1 Roshan.
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    Generally everything, including the lack of visible matchmaking rating.

    I'd like an option to opt for faster queue times at the cost of less balanced games.
    I'd like to have support for ranked player-run leagues (a la TDT, DXD, IHCS, IHL and other DotA 1 leagues) built into the game itself. I feel like this would be a good alternative to something like a visible DBR/MMR.

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    1)Game search time is quite low.
    2)Most of the time people are of the same skill level. Most of "I HAVE TEAMFULL OF NUBS" is mostly because of picks.
    3)Invisible stats, winrate - this is good because there will be less people who want that winrate number at any cost. (dodging matches, playing pubstomb combos etc.) If i want to compete ill go some non-pro team (i think there are non-pro tournaments).
    1) 5 man stacks vs solo players is bad situation (it happens not that often, but i think it should not happen at all).
    suggestion - 5 man should play against 5 man thats simple
    2) Getting reported for no reason(some raging kids dont like when u win them, and dont like when u have superior KDA compared to them). This is the biggest problem. It happens mostly when you are in 4 + 1(you) situation, and that 4 people suck, because they got to that level of matchmaking not because of skill, but just playing by 4(often with -CM mode picks) against solo people.
    Suggestion: Some system that shows who reported and for what reason and some possibility to punish unfair reports.
    Sorry for bad english. It's not my native language.
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