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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    -Fast queue times
    -A lot of Game Modes (Although I'd enjoy more like WTF, OMG mode, 1v1, Pudge wars, but I realize these will probably be added so)

    I'm personally sick and tired of playing on a Europe West server and getting paired up with 4 people who aren't from Europe who are arrogant about it, Russians, Asians, I've seen it all, but I don't mind if they're Fair about it. For example: I played a game with 3 Asian people the other day and they were polite, spoke to me in English or made simple pings to let me know what they'd like, and we had a good game despite loosing. What I hate is when you get in game, and instantly someone speaks in Russian over the Mic, to which your reply is "I'm sorry I don't speak Russian" To which he replies "Go fuck yourself"..... Seriously? It makes communication hard, while It's not impossible to play without having a common language you both speak, people who are arrogant about it make it virtually impossible..
    Suggested Fix
    Either A)Queue by language, While it will take longer to get games I'd much rather wait for 5 people who have the ability to speak English/Portugues, The draw back to this is that anyone can just tick every language, and you might need to enforce Bans for people Queuing outside their respected zones.
    Or B)Forcing people to play in their region, the drawback to this is that it may separate friends from playing with each other, other then that I don't see much of a draw back as long as it's kept to only Ranked games and not lobbies.

    -Running into stacks
    While this is a slight annoyance, playing against a 5 man team is hard to overcome when you're playing with 5 newly met people (Who probably can't speak the same language so you can't communicate)
    Suggested Fix
    First having an option to be Placed in teams or just purely Solo would be nice, That way people can decide if they'd rather play Solo or against/with a team, The only problem is you'd have to include Solo and Duo to balance it out, Anything over 2 people should be automatically pushed into the Teams bracket, so while it's never truly a Solo option it at least gives you some leeway.

    -Equal Skilled games
    I'm not even sure how to solve this problem, but there will always be 1 team more skilled then the other, rarely do you get an equal match, and while this isn't exactly a bad thing it can be improved
    Suggested Fix
    While I'm not sure how this would be implemented and work in theory, someone posted the idea of giving each individual hero their own skill rating and matching players by skill rating, the only problem with this is you can't pre-pick your hero before making a match, So unless you made a few new Game modes like "My Top 10 Heroes" and "My Worst 10 Heroes" so you could pair people off a medium of the skill of your Top/Worst 10 heroes, Apart from doing that I'm not entirely sure how to implement this mentality into All pick.

    -Not being able to pick a colour
    I like being purple yo, I want my purple back.
    Suggested Fix
    Let us pick colours for both sides, going from #1 to 5#. #1 being your favorite and #5 being your least, And when 2 people have the same colour as their favorite just randomly decide it, and have the one who loses go down his list to the first available colour, this way we have more chance to actually get the colour we want. <3

    Thats all I have for now, Hopefully my format is correct and the feedback is useful. Thanks for Dota 2 <3

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    Not sure It seems does not work.

    It keeps matching games with players with totally different skill level. A lot of games are ‘done’ after first 15 min, its simply to say who will win.

    Sorry if repeating maybe you do something of those already. But will type in case it is useful.
    Never consider if player’s team won or loose or how many looses player has. Always consider how player did during the game comparing to other players always, not absolute. Take into account levels difference, how many creeps were slain, how many kills/death/assistance. How kills are spread in time. Take into account hero, and have all those modifiers different depending on hero. Maybe also take into account how many games player played with that hero, so if one used to play as A all the time and then selected B and completely lost – don’t reduce their level just yet.
    Allow level (or matchmaking pointer) to go down if person did not play for a while.
    You still can have some visual level which grows till forever but means nothing.

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    -Fast searching for a match
    -Low pings

    -Getting queued against a 5 man stacks when im playing solo
    -solution- Stacks play with stacks

    -Getting terrible teammates to force a lose
    -solution- People with same skill level in both teams

    -Ban System
    -solution- Something more rigid and ban for shit talk
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    + fast search times
    + regions
    + often good balanced teams

    - language barriers - east europe players on west europe servers
    - no way for a casual player to get any feedback on if they improve or not. After alof of matches it gets dull to not have anything to strive for. A private only ranking would be a great tool!
    - report system is not working and is abused in alot of matches where people report other players for being bad etc
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    Really like how it is viable to play on high pings.
    MM speed
    Finding good people to play with.

    I hate how people insist on picking certain heroes after you are already team carry. You have a qop, sylla, doom, am, and the last guy hasnt picked yet. He is going to pick Luna it is inevitable. And then he will blame you for picking all carries. I know it is kind of difficult to stop but here has to be some sort of report mechanism designed for this sort of thing.
    I would also like the report for verbal abuse to see some more results. Everyone has had games where one of your teammates has a Chinese name, and there is one guy who tells about frikin Chinese on the US server, when the guy with the Chinese name can speak fluent English. You report him of course but you never get the delightful message saying someone who you reported was punished.
    Auto removing people who you report from your que would also be nice.

    There is also a big difference between a casual 5 man stack, of people who had fun playing together so decided to keep doing it, and a competitive one which is going to pick wisp ck and channel empire while they stomp your face in.
    - I think the best way to solve this would be to adjust the ratings of stacks with high frequency of playing together. And I am not talking 2 or 3 man stacks here, but true try hard 5 man ones. It just reduces the quality of the game for the other team, when they have ck, wisp, leshrac, batrider, mag, and you have bloodseeker, tide, bounty, skeleton king, and cm. It is just a totally different game hat you are each playing.

    I also would like feedback on improving. I think that the thing dotabuff did the best was allow you too see your games played and see which heroes your were best on. The in game rating scale seems kind of weak and arbitrary to me.

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    -Acceptable queue times.
    -Being able to queue for multiple game modes
    -Being able to select which server I want to play on(USW, USE, etc.)
    -Getting high priority if someone fails to accept.
    -Low priority queue is a good punishment for bad behavior.
    -The party system.

    -No ranked games.
    A solution would be to add ranked games with a public match making ranking. Team and solo/duo queues should be separate. Also the only game mode for ranked games should be captains mode, imo. Ranked games are really nice to have for players who take the game very seriously and aren't good enough or aren't willing to be on a competitive team.

    -No pre-game role selections.
    While I don't think this one is necessary I think it would be pretty neato to have an option before you queue to select which role you wish to fill such as carry or mid and match making could take this into account. Now this would probably rarely get a full team on what they want to play but the main point of it is to prevent a team having 4 people who want to go mid. I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

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    Skill gap between players.

    Probably a lot of players complain about this, many without reason. However, I do think it's flawed. I'll talk a bit about my experience.
    I have only played dota 2 for a couple of months, so I'm not in any way an experienced player(although I've been playing it on a daily basis). But I do know the basics - supporting, carrying, ganking, lane control, pushing, etc.

    More often than not, I'm matched with players who don't understand those concepts. Supports trying to farm big items instead of team items (quite often). People auto-attacking creeps (often). No ganks during the lane phase (semi-often). No warding (practically always). People diving alone against a team of enemies when wining that fight is obviously impossible, because enemies are attacking a building (happens sometimes). Team losing all the other lanes (often).

    I still need much to be a good player, but I'm being matched with people who lack the basics and that is very frustrating.

    What usually happens:

    Solo queue: lane partner is bad and is hindering me while I'm trying to last hit/control the creep wave. We either lose the lane or win it with little efficiency. Soloing a lane is pretty much the only pleasant way to do it.

    Dual queue: I and my buddy sometimes do decent, sometimes we do well - so we may or not win the lane, but we rarely lose it. Meanwhile, the other lanes are usually lost.

    5 men stack: I've been matched against fair enemies and higher skilled enemies. That's ok most of the times, though. If everyone in the team played decently, the enemy is gonna have to pull some good plays to win. And it's very challenging trying to counter those plays.

    - The outcome of a games is determined more by the best person on a team rather than the worst player.
    I might be missing something, but I think this is relative. Sometimes the best person can get a load of kills and towers and just win the game. Many times the worst players end up dying too often and the best person will have to face a team with a couple of more levels and better items.

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    Like: how it spends time trying to match you with fair/equal teams. decent queue times (3-4 mins) and usually really good games.

    Dislike: queueing into parties. most games that you are 5th wheel into a 4 man team, they neglect you and screw you over because they don't give a shit about you. there should be an option to only queue with other solo q players (possibly longer queue times), or as a solo queue potentially queue with teams (possibly shorter queue times).

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    Legendary skill bracket
    - Matchmaking times are relatively short.
    - The system is efficient at finding players of similar skill level in most game modes.

    - As a solo player, I dislike being matched against 4- or 5-man stacks (players that all know each other, as seen by looking at their Steam Friends list). I have never won any game against a 5-man premade team simply because their level of coordination is always far superior to mine's (especially since we all are strangers to one another). This is even worse in All Picks, since premade teams often pick heroes that have a lot of synergy together, unlike teams who are made up of strangers.
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    DISLIKE: Smurfing is rife, people can bypass LP queue just by making new accounts and troll low MMR games.
    * People can today easily create accounts with all the DOTA 2 invites around. They often infest low skill games just to troll, feed, avoid the LP queue, or stomp.
    * Flag multiple accounts that access the same machine (machine number) and/or the same IP address. Any LP punishment that happens to one account, happens to all accounts.
    * Change the matchmaking so that the first 10 games someone plays has triple the influence of what it was before. Also, in the first 5 matchmaking games, if a player is caught with "high skill", such as passing a certain GPM threshold, or is able to maintain a kill streak/clean game (no deaths) then the MMR gained from winning is doubled.

    DISLIKE: Matchmaking may seem like it is collecting 10 people from wide skill ranges, or collecting people with the same matchmaking rank, who are clearly not as skilled as what their MMR suggests.
    * This is bad obviously because the game is uneven in skill and there are too many blow out games. This happens when I go on winning streaks. My teammates become worse and worse every game, until I have a "forced loss", simply because my teammates cannot play on the same level as I do.
    * Please decrease the chances of a match happening when the skill difference in MMR from the best player and the worst player on team A is too large.
    * The higher your MMR (relative to the other 9 players) is, the less influence the game has on your wins and losses. This prevents smurf teams from farming ladder points with long streaks.

    DISLIKE: Matchmaking has the "stack exploit".
    * In VERY HIGH bracket, people like to stack as a 5 man squad. The problem is that, often the best opponents (with the same MMR) are those who might run in the solo queue. So what inevitably happens is this stomp squad is able to face the same types of opponents with an obvious advantage, and win around 75% of games, purely based on teamwork, and picks. Unlike in HIGH and NORMAL, stacking has no effect on inflated MMR in the VERY HIGH bracket, so facing more difficult opponents when you are already in very high is nonpunishable.
    * Make sure that the only scenario where a 5 man stack can play in VERY HIGH is only if it is 5 vs (2+2+1) or (3+1+1) or (3+2)...etc. This will at least give the more fragmented team proper coordination in their lanes and tactics.

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