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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    Matchmaking its amazing, all of it, the only think i dislike is playing vs stacks

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    Holy shit man. I don't know if its MM trying to troll me by placing players who just started playing dota in my team and pros at the enemies(I have 1k+ hrs in dota). Sorry to say, i rather abandon the game then suffer the pain of playing that game.

    That's that. On to the next game i mm. Match 966511039. So much wow too. 2 new players playing the game in my team. Ok nvm, opponent was 4 stack and mine was 2 / 2 stack with me alone. Guess Valvo look up to me too highly.

    TBH, I'm ok with losing spree, at least i can learn what i did wrong. But to lose in such a way that it just demoralized me to continue.
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    Would you sacrifice your past for the future?

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    1. The review of a match after the match is over.
    2. The review of a player on your team with a good/bad feed back.

    1. Solo match ups against 5 man team rather than other solos.

    I think that teams should have their own server. I am really starting consider that the public and rank servers are getting crowded. I think it is time that clans and guilds of players more than two players in a team should have their own match-ups like a clan match including those who invite friends to stack up matches. This would loosen up the five man stacks a bit and if two members of the same clan wanted to play together. They can on ranked and public but not with all five members, but with just two. I also think that if the clan or team match idea works then there should also be a ranked clan or team match server implemented. If this were to happen that would mean that the mmr for solos not in a team or guild would not have a loss of points for solo mmr but for the team rating instead and the solo mmr would not be harmed because the players constructed a team. I also think that if the players who are not in a guild or clan and want to invite friends and play in a match all together they should play it on a ranked team/clan or team match server. I do not see the point of having a solo ranked matches with other random solos on one team when the other team invited friends or constructed a team to go against the solos or as I like to call it a friend team. This just causes to many one-sided wins. In other words, I think random ranked players should go up against random ranked players not against ranked teams. Of course there may be one individual who does not like the characters selected on his solo-team but that is where the real fun shoots off. As opposed to the players that have their team set-up before matchmaking. Plus, the team ranked matches and team public matches can put more teams together for tournaments. This feature could also be the start of team ratings to show the players how well those players worked as a team rather than individually. What I am saying is that when one plays Dota 2, he can play a Public match with solos no team stacks meaning that players would be playing in matches without stacks for fun and can have up to two friends in that mode. There would also be another option for team public matchmaking for friend teams(2 or more Friends on a team) and clans. Then the same concept but with ranked matches and the team rank matches would have their party rank affected.
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    Solo queue players get occasionally matched with duo queues.
    Their team MMR always most always skewed from their solo skill.
    The 2 players can have a massive discrepancy in skill. Most games I get with duo queues, it's a 4v5.

    Except of course when the other team has an idiot, then it's 4v4.
    Rarely will the case be that the duo queue is on par with the 3 players, perhaps it can more consistently happen somehow.

    Otherwise, the only options should be 5 party x 5 party or solo queue.

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    I know I am not a very good player, but bottom rated player will always be matched with noob, even if they improve themself if something is not done, because how matchmaking work ...

    Since 6.82, MM are unfair, I don't know what but something changed and I am losing 9 game on 10 ...

    I have been matched with and against new player (they received the welcoming gift). Why players must be matched with people that played 1 to 50 game when others have around 850 games played.

    I improved myself since a couple of month to win match ... I still keep matched with feeder and noob, so I can't win match and be matched with better players. Since you get matched with people with similar rating and it disregard everything else, this is a failed concept.

    My steam account with all my others games and my cosmetic is used to play dota 2. Total money spent into the game should be something to take in consideration. This is a free to play game, yes. *But This is Another Way to Sort Serious Players* that spent 300-400 $ into the game and others that play for fun who don't care if they feed, who stop trying to win if they get killed more the 1 more ... etc

    What I like (for now)
    What I dislike (for now)
    - No banlist (to ban people so you never get matched with again)
    - No region lock (people from selected region can't be matched with you)
    - Not enough language filter (french and german, to name a few)
    - Few game played account matched with Alot game played account even if they have the same rating
    - Kids matched with adults.
    - Winning team always get equal +rating point
    - Losing team alway get -rating point
    - 1-2-2 matched with 4-1 (regarding friends teams)
    - Not knowing that you are the chosen one in your team to win this game, so I will pick a hero in regard of this instead of a not-so-good hero.
    *New - 0% abandonned Account matched with high% abandonned account

    They is a limit to crap you can program regarding matchmaking. I remember having fun to play dota 2, now it look like I can just rage at game I get. This is not the part of losing or winning, but just enjoying the game itself as a whole.
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    Improve matchmaking by banning cheaters, for starters. Here's the match ID 1000523592, go see for yourselves, watch Phantom Plancer, Lesh and ES...

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    I always thought that there are two different MMR in Dota 2. One is for Ranked gaming and the other one for unranked gaming. My official MMR is 3908 right now with 58% winrate (Screenshot). Lately I only play Ability Draft and I have a solo queue AD winrate of over 58% in 465 games, which is IMO huge.

    Here my DotaBuff Account with the stats

    Is this intended? I think my enemies are very weak compared to me and do tons of mistakes they should not do. Imo my General MMR shoud be way higher to get better enemies :/

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    > my enemies are very weak
    > not even 60% winrate

    nothing to see here, move on.

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    - I like how matchmaking matches players with similar skill levels when all of them are not in a party, for public games.

    - I dislike the fact that we cannot CHOOSE not to be queued with a 4-player party.
    Reason 1: There is a significant inaccuracy in the skill level matching when it comes to this, I can feel that the system is just trying to help them get a match quick without even caring if the 5th player matches
    Reason 2: There is great chance that the 4 players can intentionally or accidentally ruined the match for the 5th person, like trolling, flaming or disconnecting together
    Example Match ID: 1035774912 Dire-side (the party is clearly below the skill level of both the enemy 4-player party, and the allied 5th player; they also disconnected together without getting the abandon)

    PLEASE add back the "I don't want to be matched with parties function, or at least just the 4-player parties."
    The argument that "you can just party with your friends" does not justify the happening of such situations.

    Thank you.

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