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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    - It's simplicity...and finding a game relatively fast compared to other games that have Lobbies in matchmaking and other useless steps before entering the game; making you waste so much time.
    - That if you leave a game from time to time you do not get in low priority, I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but I like it, sometimes emergencies appear in real life and you just have to leave.


    - The fact that you have a team of random people and end up vs a stack of 4-3. A random team has poor coordination and pick heroes as they feel (and it's nothing wrong with that, it feels like the game is played for fun) while the 'stack team' gets proper coordination/support/warding/constant ganks etc, it ends up in getting stomped hard. After loosing 7 consecutive games today for this reason, I must say the game slowly becomes less appealing. How do I know they were a stack? Easy, on loading screen while they load I just check their profiles and see if they are friends with each other on Steam. 'Well why don't you get friends to play with yourself' because I can't be asked to 'tryhard' like that, I just like to play the game for fun and try crazy builds etc , and have fun overall. My friends are a bunch of 'tryhards' and I can't stand them when they criticizing me for not doing X or Y. I understand; they are good at the game; but I don't want someone constantly telling/forcing me to play in a certain way.
    How can It be improved?Hard to tell...Maybe fix how the MM search works? So when I search for a game alone I get grouped with people like myself (alone).
    Another thing that could work (I personally don't like this; adding and option for solo play, this is how MM should work by default)...Add a 'solo queue' that does the exact thing I stated above, maybe not entirely solo, maybe max 2 players in party.

    -A common problem that new players encounter. Fresh made accounts; made by skilled players, to troll and play on a low level. I tried to get a friend into DotA and as I watch him play for around a week he encounter a few of these people. You can tell really easy these people, you just look at the lasthits or how they play in general, most new players won't go anywhere near this kind of stats. It is really discouraging for newcomers.
    How to deal with this, I'm afraid I have no answer to it.

    -How leavers are handled. I think putting someone in low priority for x amount of time is not enough. Due to the rate you give out invites, most people have more than one account and can just log to another.
    Fixing it, well quite hard , maybe putting people in low prio by not only the steam account, but by IP/mac address too, this way using another account would not be possible. I know sounds quite harsh but you can't really punish people for leaving due to how the system works. Playing on an other account will not affect you with anything.Maybe making for example the leveling system more rewarding, add some kind of value to the account, this way people would not be so careless on playing on another.

    - Another thing I dislike is having to play with people that cannot communicate; people that cannot speak basic English.
    On how to fix it, maybe add an option to search for a game with people from your own country, or the search for a game should prioritize people from the same country then look 'outside'.
    I know there are servers for Europe E and V or US E etc, but a lot people won't consider playing in their region, and this way you end up with Russians playing on US servers, not only that they don't speak English they will lag as well. Or you could add an English test on all Europeans before they can access DotA, Have an image with A tree and a blank space under , a House and blank space under. Haha, neah just joking but on a more serious note, the language barrier is a problem in a lot of matches.
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    - It seems that matchmaking has improved a bit over time and works better in some modes (-sd, -rd). I've been getting more players around my skill level and roughly the same amount of games played. AP matchmaking is still horrible, but that's probably because heroes are picked after matchmaking (you can either play your very best heroes or try to learn new ones).
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    -fast queue.
    Russian speaking players
    Matchmaking overall : i KNOW it doesn't give u players of same skill level. instead of forcing 50% by putting you in team with worse players AND putting you against better players it should give you players of same skill level and give you better opponents.
    -There should be a button "i dont want to play against premade teams" when soloqueuing.

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    -Fast queue times. Often ~3minutes or less.
    -Great servers.
    -Good abandonment system.
    -Private stats.

    -Language barriers.
    You often get teamed with people who refuse to speak a language that everyone understands.
    -You still get a loss if someone in your team decides to ragequit.
    No-stats should still be no-stats, including everyone affected by abandonment.
    -Matchmaking are very inconsistent.
    It's always a gamble wether you stomp or get stomped. I feel that it's very rare that you get a really balanced match.
    -No punishment for people who refuse to co-operate.
    It should be a reportable offence imo.

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    - Fast Queing
    - Lagfree Gaming
    - Reconnect Option (Dota 1 players love it)

    - The Rating System of Players Skillelvl: Some game i play with Pro's like EternalEnvy, xboct or H4nn1 and some games i get matched up with ppl with only 300 - 400 wins. DotA 2 hardly needs a new Algorithm for the Matchmaking queing. i Liked the Matchmaking in Dotaliciouz. Teams were fair nearly every game.

    - Punishment for Leaver is to low: many people wont understand that and i am sure valve will never accept my opinion but in old dota 1 "leagues" and sites you were banned completly if you left many times. Up to 1-2 month. I loved it since there were no leaver in any game. But Valve would lose to many customers with this.

    - I Would rather search longer for a game than beeing queed with noobs or russians since those guys are flaming and whining in nearly every game. Moreover they talk in hyroglyphs.

    - That you cant Swap in SD and not beeing able to swap and repick. This should excatly be like in dota 1. Someone doesnt like his hero -> we swap -> i repick.

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    - I can queue for multiple different game types at the same time. (eg. I can queue for a game of either Random Draft & Least Played, without splitting the pool of players into to separate groups.)
    - The games are fairly well balanced. (Not every game is even, but it's as even as I would expect it to be with random groups of players of roughly even skill.)
    - The queues are reasonably short. (Queues of less 5 mins are good.)

    - The attitude of some players. When a game is one sided, it's very common to see players of the losing team flaming and blaming each other, and it isn't uncommon to see players of the winning team taunting the losers to make them feel bad about the loss. Some people like this kind of stuff, but I don't. I don't necessarily want to put players like this in the low priority queue, but I myself don't want to play with them.

    I'd like a personal blacklist system. I expect that the playerbase is large enough to support individual player blacklists without causing a blowout in the match-making wait time.

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    Most of it

    Getting an abandon for being afk (rarely happens) when you come back and finish the game off. There should be some feature which checks if you come back and recontribute to the team and removes the abandon or something (not a big issue but still)

    Commend system is completely useless.

    No Concede feature

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    -Language barrier
    -Rage Quitters
    -No Active bans on misbehaving players

    1. Create an in-game DOTABUFF type system where it gives statistics, gameplay improvement, and a monetized ELO system for people who want it.
    2. Create a mode where the community watches public games, if received reports, and the community spectates and makes the final decision in bans (Police)
    3. Create different tiers of low matchmaking. (Misdemeanor offense = plays with other misdemeanors, People who do more worst things = play with russians).
    4. Prioritize people that have stacks and parties with other people that have stacks and parties. "Smart Matchmaking". Vice-versa with solo queuers.

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    Like: The general quality of players seems to be consistent with my skill. I enjoy seeing players assume appropriate lane comps, and roles. As well as players appreciating the importance of warding, smoke etc.
    Dislikes: Occasionally; I would venture 1/3-8 games I get someone who either chooses to not communicate, no fault of yours, or does not speak the language of my fellow 'comrades' < intended. I recently saw a thread about not only regional but lingual queues. I completely support this if only for the absolute necessity for communication in this game.

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    Like: everything so far so good
    esp. no scores label on the player, no surrender options
    If you play a lot, you'll never team up with smurf account with high winrate.

    - any deliberate DC(without reason stated)/abuse(esp. offensive text and VOICE to teammates) of the game should be severely punished. first time it's 1day of Low Priority Pool(LPP), next time it shall be DOUBLED ,without a limit i.e. 11th time will be 2^10 = 1024 days of LPP. If you like to abuse the game, go play with all those abusers. Currently abusers don't ever care about the LPP punishment, stop playing for 1 day and next day they can still continue their abusing.
    - don't have a good internet? don't have time? Please do NOT play matchmaking. dc due to lag -> 1 day LPP dc due to tech issues -> 1 day LPP, dc due to any reasons -> 1 day LPP.
    - skills may be varied, courtesy can always be kept. All players that have bad manners towards his teammate, LPP no dispute, and should be punished as stated.
    - Even Dota tournament usually got one-sided game, e.g. IG vs LGD, LGD got stomped hard and their supports have bad stats, no Creep Score no Hero Score. Don't ever blame for any situation happened. Most players love to trashtalk teammates due to any bad performance in matchmaking, if they love to abuse, forced them to play LPP. Learn how to teamwork with any people you've met, or play with your lovely LPP buddies.
    - 4 man stacks very likely result in a those 4 friends keep abusing the soloer situation, and team reporting afterwards since "that player always took the blame". It is very bad, if it's happened, at least a 1 week of LPP is needed. Teach them some manners, or meet your buddies in LPP forever.

    I'd be love to see more and more players in the LPP, they can do whatever they wanted, literally, and more abuse means more LPP life for them. And with a faster and faster waiting time, I think they will be very very pleased.
    Currently LPP means very very very long waiting time and a relatively short period of punishment. I don't like it. Should LPP consists of players with bad manners? YES!!! Definitely!!!!
    And since LPP players can't get items/BPs, they will be more likely to buy from the Store/Market. Win-Win Valve.
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