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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    delete this post please, posted in the wrong area.
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    sometimes come across a normal player

    a long time looking for the game
    every game across the disabled, who can not do anything, and in general, for the first time launched a bunker (with my then 4700+ hours in the game)
    screen -

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    Please fix this shit! In addition to looking at MMR, you really should set players up with their dota hours too. It is just unfair to put on different teams with other team having combined less than 3000 hours of dota, and on the other team there are several player that have 3000+ hours themselves of dota. That experience - even same MMR - makes these games just one sided stomps that are not very fun to play.

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    The Matchmaking system is totally useless...I think it just grabs random players as fast as possible and creates a team with them. Russians are everywhere with the Ensage hack pretending they are "innocent" when it's clear as daylight(checked in replay) that they see the enemy team without wards or normal vision. Steam doesn't do anything about that so now it's a game of cheating. Who cheats better without admitting it.
    It's been fun for 2 years but now the game is unbearable, you get muted every game even in Co-op games.
    A lot of bots aren't scripted for co-op or bot games. There are no other modes to play Co-op or bot games except all pick...
    So the game is boring and very annoying.`
    The matchmaking is still matching party que with solo que which makes it obvious who will win.
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6

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    DIslike - lack of transparency
    - sense of stagnation/unfairness. i see players with great skill that are ranked lower than others who just a new account and play 3 fav heroes (worst than the old guy)
    - dotabuff correlation, keeps showing normal, high very high/ from this i can deduct that party mmr is given by its leader .
    - the ratings given per game = the ones lost = constant 25. I think it should be different. with higher variations. THat would satisfy me A LOT

    Like - how solo ranked is pretty solo, rarely paired with parties

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    Can I ask why I have a 7 game losing streak and no games this week I've won because of poor teammates or heroes on enemy team like Omniknight and Juggernaut? Because I'm about to consider contacting the game's support line and letting them know that I keep getting matched up against 5 manning noobs!

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    I don't know why matchmaking gets worse, but for some fucked reason it takes longer for me to get normal queues to pop than it does for pros like Pajkatt to get their ranked queues to pop. How is it possible someone in a more populated tier than a player like Pajkatt waits 2-3 minutes longer to get a match?

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    What I Like: - Fast MatchMaking
    - Low Priority Punishment

    What I Dislike: - Most of the game(close to all) has been 1 sided affair. Either stomped or get stomped.
    - No transparency in how MM works.
    - Language barrier(Non-english mic speaker; Seriously? You select english but you talk in some language that nobody understands)
    - When your skill barrier/win rate gets to a certain point, you start to get players who have no game sense or do not know what they are doing in your team(if you q solo) and your enemies feels like some pro team.

    Basically I feel that players need to know their place. If you know you ain't a good carry, then pick some other heroes for other roles and not select a carry and try to carry the game. Normally this tends to become a feeding carry(cant farm and dies alot). Most of my games lost are due to people not able to carry or even last hit properly.
    SEA server = People good or bad plays cores. Nobody wanna do the support. And when they do, they suck. #TrueStory
    Would you sacrifice your past for the future?

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    Any dev ever read what is written here or is it just the mods? Would love to see that the things we say and want actually gets to the devs. Otherwise, what is the point of these forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sillysaur View Post
    Any dev ever read what is written here or is it just the mods? Would love to see that the things we say and want actually gets to the devs. Otherwise, what is the point of these forums?
    no1 dont read this shit, forum for fun.

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