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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sillysaur View Post
    Any dev ever read what is written here or is it just the mods? Would love to see that the things we say and want actually gets to the devs. Otherwise, what is the point of these forums?
    nah. not really

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    Because of rank DotA is at that point of toxic of killing someone in real life.

    Thank you Valve for being so considerate of adding rank when it was being debated when Dota 2 was still on beta.

    MMR = Full of mentally challenge dweebs
    MM = Just your non-serious game where everybody just messes around not wanting to win picks techies and a 5 man carry ( people used to be so serious or atleast TRIES to be a bit serious to objectively win the game )


    Killing myself in life is basically what I feel every single time I'm done playing a game of Dota in SEA. Valve please Just separate every single SEA countries.

    I am 4.9 scrub who has abolished a bunch of mentally challenged 5ks who think they're so good because " THEY ARE 5K " Who barely even landed on 5k " 5025 "

    I got queued with a bunch of leaderboard egoist such as Jed, a player who pretends to be a Philippine outcast mimicking a fucking Singaporean or Malaysian just to be unlabelled as a Pinoy and a garbage player who thinks he is the embodiment of a Dota God who has never even obtained huge deal on his team Toy from Awake.

    If I ever meet one of these person in real life. Don't be surprised if they died from a homicide.

    FYI: They've carried the game every single time I queued with them.
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    - Matches are usually found fairly quickly
    - Ability to choose server locations
    - Ability to choose game types
    I think this can be improved by allowing to choose games based on more options, such as: Find Lobby (10 players in a lobby before a game starts like in L4D), Wins Range (find players between x and y wins) and other variables, basically you should give more control to players that want it, 100% automated matchmaking is too restricted, give us at least a bit of control over who we would like to play with.

    Language - Language is a massive problem in dota, one of the most widely recognized as a matter of fact. I think there should be a system such as the app game of war.. The app has an in game translator that makes the team aspect of the game very easy. Even if such a translator was implemented I understand there would be issues, but at least we could guess what they are trying to say.

    Reporting - The reporting system is broken. I'm not saying this because I am a raging child who gets reported all the time, I'm not saying this to hop on the bandwagon. But I have been muted twice in the past month for 100+ hours. The most recent one was today, I was the random to a 4 stack of foreigners.. One of them spoke broken English so I tried to talk to him. He said they all reported me because I wasn't (whatever language) they were. Now, because there was 4 of them and one of me, I got 4 reports and now am muted for 170 hours. I think the muting system should be taken out all together, seeing as there is an in game muting system that takes 2 seconds to use. Not only that, but I couldn't report all of them anyways, I dont have enough reports in a week to do what they did in two minutes. 4 Stacks should not be able to report, or if a party reports someone then it should only count as one and go in for a review.. I have had many games where people in parties said to the other team "if you don't feed us we will are report you and you'll get low prio" and the sad part is, it actually works.

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    MMR SUCKS!!! who invented MMR i wish him the worst !
    I dropped from 4.3k to 3.6k cause i am teamed with total retards .. in every fking game feeders, noobs, retards, they does not know how to farm, how to fight, how to engage. they all suck totally. i don't know what happened to this shit MMR, but before i lost i won, i dropped to 4k. i raised back.. now all games lost, since 2-3 weeks.. i dropped to 3.6k. this is just retarded. if nothing will be changed , i shit on this game, and start playing another one who isnt this gamebreaking!!!

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    What I Like:
    - Fast MatchMaking

    What I Dislike:
    - Do not know which player from both side is party with another player in his team in Solo ranked/unranked march or not. For example, if i solo play solo and got 1 party of two in my team, i wish to know who are they, as well as knowing the enemy side before the game begin, so if one of the party member from either disconnect, and they pause the game, we can know whether or not he is going to reconnect or not by asking the other party member instead of the whole team pretending he is my friend, please wait for him for X minute. As all Dota player well know that a very fast Dota 2 game still take 20 minute++, so i hope the Developer can consider on letting all 10 player in a game know whether there is party in our or enemy team.
    - The current drop system has too low a drop rate for me. Now the drop i have is the DAC 2015 compendium point drop i get from watching DAC match, not a single item for me in a while now.

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    What I Like:
    - Fast MatchMaking whatever lol just here to complain

    What I Dislike:
    Easily abused LPQ system, you can put ANYONE into LPQ once they have been LPQ before, system is completely broken and just a snowballing effect that allows nobody to ever change, it's like once you did something bad in the past a year ago you are now screwed forever or you have to change account. It's dumb, terrible system. I got LPQ once every like 5 months in the past now I get it every 30 games I play, takes 2 reports to put me in LPQ. I can put ANYONE into LPQ by reporting them, I see notification after every game and I have 16 reports ready now.

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    I've been doing decently, climbed from 2k mmr to 2950 since the new year (and since I started playing ranked). In the last three days I've lost 28 games of my low 30-something games, due to 4 reasons. 1) Peruvians. Their play styles include dive and calling their team "noobs." 2) Russians. Why are they even on US English servers? 3) Carries that do not have a clue on how to last hit, build, lane, gank, play, or right click. They do know how to blame their supports and other carries for all their woes. 4) 4-5 carries per game. Yes, that 5th person will lock in a carry after there are 4 other carry/semi-carries, and proceed to feed/lose lane.

    Now I'm not saying I'm the best dota player in the world. I'm not terrible though, I'm an above average player, typically playing carry, with a 56% win rate and over 800 games. It doesn't matter how well I do, or my 2/3 stack does -- all that matters is that my teammates lose the lane due to one of the above reasons. Again, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I've lost a few lanes due to the other people having superior skill, but the majority of the 28 losses (Something like 22 or 23 games) I won my lane, either as a forced support or as a carry. I don't understand why people that have a similar MMR are so much weaker in their games. Isn't this supposed to be a game of healthy competition? I've been stomped for so many games due to being placed with people that are ridiculously lower skill than they should be -- axes that can't taunt, carries that push lanes, supports that steal creep kills, mids that don't know how to mid, etc.

    Dota 2 is a wonderful game, without a doubt. Nothing else comes close in terms of skill, knowledge, and strategy from what I've played. I just don't understand why the teams are always so skewed--it's never a fair fight, and I've been on the receiving end of this beat-down.

    Why isn't there a change to the way MMR is awarded at the end of a match? Why should I lose 24 mmr if I go beyond godlike, but my team proceeds to feed and not take advantage of the space created? Allow us to work our way out of the trench if we're statistically good players--through heals, damage done, cc's, creep kills, kdr's, towers pushed, building damage, assists, less deaths, time spent within radius of x number of friendlies, etc. It makes no sense to be locked in an eternal struggle with players of such varying skill levels.

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    Abysmal matchmaking when you're playing with a new player in a stack.

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    General matchmaking earlier was with people of equal wins or equal dota 2 levels.


    I'll make this simple and short.
    Not all of us like to be queued with people of our mmr, in fact some people don't like playing mmr for reasons.
    So, make general matchmaking such that people are getting queued with other people of their dota 2 level, or according to the number of their wins.
    I am fed up of losing because my team is too dumb to know what to do at all in game.

    Also, solo queue should be with people who are soloing, not with a party. Get a separate option for party play, if possible.
    It's easy to get low prio if you get reported by people partying up in your own team who don't like you even though you're doing good and they're the ones who need mental help. They'll report you and tell the enemy team (Who speaks their common language, on an english server) to do so too and you'll end up in low prio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haxign View Post
    So, make general matchmaking such that people are getting queued with other people of their dota 2 level, or according to the number of their wins.
    Wouldn't work as games/wins/level does not equal skill. Watched a replay yesterday with players that have 500+ games and realized that with 20 games I am better than any of them. They played like total noobs. Until then I was worried about playing matches vs humans because I always got team/enemy that had so much more experience. Not now, because those guys can suck more than me.

    Quote Originally Posted by haxign View Post
    Also, solo queue should be with people who are soloing, not with a party. Get a separate option for party play, if possible
    While I would love this, it's something they had but was removed. Speeds up matchmaking be also leaves the solo guy at the mercy of stacks.
    Still a newbie.
    After winning my last match I decided to throw my ball into the crowd like you see the pro's doing on TV
    Apparently this behavior isn't acceptable in tenpin bowling.

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