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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    damn I bought so many rainbowseige cosmetics on Uplay store completely avoiding steam :weary: maybe if I played with people that i understand this money would have been spent on dota plus enisve: shit load of people switched to COd instead to BUY Season Passes ;-; Because they don't have to deal with russkis flaming the fun out of their games :weary: Pog AYAYA Clap

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    9876 matches as support 5 and Valve's system says my worst role is support, in the new role search mode. My best role is core (in Valve System), with only 80 games on the account... The system gets worse with each update.Matchmacking just doesn't work for supports.I can easily play a core game, staying 100% in the jungle, but I can't win as support at finest. Playing since Dota All Stars 6.76 Beta.All support 5 heroes as level 25 hero. Last rank: Ancient 6. Current rank: Crusader 4.

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