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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    When i 5 man stack I most times get put up against another 5 man stack and have a very fun and enjoyable game


    When I don't 5 man stack most of the time i get put with complete idiots (but that my fault anyways for losing a load of solo games by messing around instead of serious play)

    Sometimes games are completely stacked against one team though.

    Solution: Keep on Dotaing

    Dislikes: Moaners about Russian players --> Go to Russian server then you will learn how real Russians play
    Russian haters began in Dota1 (Wc3) The main reason was that the Russians were segregated in Wc3 because it didnt support the Cyrillic Alphabet. Effectively they couldn't talk to us most of the time, we just saw ))) "! ) ). Etc Stop hating on the Russians I've seen worse on the US servers

    (I'm not a Russian though :L)
    Also i dislike the majority of new guys or guys with 100+ wins who always try to carry with supports :<
    Solution: Some form of tutorial could be sorted out as you start a dota account, or on the play menu, which would show you last hitting basics and roles.
    (You guys have other priorities right now though, but a tutorial of the basics would be nice later on )

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    -Fast and easy to queue
    -High priority if someone declines
    -Ability to queue in any region

    -Player commend/report system seems too simple and missing. Sometimes I want to commend someone for being fun to play with, or report someone for not being a teamplayer. The default options are too narrow.
    -Totally new players in games. We can't teach the basics of enigma jungling to a new player while we have to focus on last hitting/denying, enemy heroes in lane and everything else going on, no matter how many "friendly" and "teacher' commendations we have.
    -Performance bar too poor. A private, more informative way to see your progress would be nice.

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    -No stress, no pressure. Just play and do your thing, if you lose, no biggie. If you win, nice.
    -Not so long queue times, cm being exception.
    -Most of the time teams are somewhat balanced
    -You can play alone, with a friend or with full team!

    -I don't like the fact that some times you get teammates who refuse to communicate in English.
    Seems absurd, but could there be a feature where you could list languages that you like to talk in, then get matched with people that talk in your language? People could also write there how important this aspect is when finding a game.
    -Some people approach the game differently. Actually a lot of people approach the game differently.
    Some people want to play very serious, win every game, play the most powerful heroes every time. Some people just want to play for fun or play their favorite heroes. I have been waiting a long long time for adding two queue's, one for "tryhards" and another for more relaxed games.

    On another topic, it would be AWESOME if you added some sort of tools for players to make their own in-game leagues. For example, if I wanted to make my own private ladder/league for my friends, I could add one and then invite my friends / accept people into the league if they apply for it and seem decent. I have always been dreaming of somehow reviving the spirit of a long forgotten dota inhouse league. People with good manners only allowed, that would be such a treat.

    It would be actually pretty nice if there was a queue for people who have good/really good manners, but I guess that would be really hard to moderate. If you need help, I would be glad to help of course. *advertise*

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    Not sure if all these likes\dislikes are what you are looking for but oh well.

    - Reasonably fast queues.
    - Easy to just jump into games.
    - Being able to choose from various servers.
    -Very rarely server\lag problems.
    - Lots of different game modes for matchmaking.


    -No way to track progression. I am sure me and a lot of other people who focus on playing the game not just to mess around in Pubgames, but also trying to get better, would love to see some way to track progress more so than just the normal high and very high brackets.
    - Often language barriers, very often you will see players who do not speak any English in the west european servers for example, which can hinder the game a lot seeing as how communication is very important in dota, and also just makes the game a lot less enjoyable. I think (especially as the game gets bigger and has more players) Being able to search for games in languages might help (Obviously the more minor languages won't have enough players, but just adding Russian and English might help a lot.) Or just adding the option to tag your account as "English speaking and willing to comunicate" and then trying to get game with other english speaking players ^_^
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    I generally like matchmaking at the point I'm at. I had to specifically grind a bit with the same carry heroes to get to higher rating and I'm now getting more even matches even when solo queueing. I'll list the deficiencies I detect.

    1) Getting matched with people that are unable to communicate (in english). It is not as much a problem for me now, but it used to be huge and is still somewhat of an issue. It creates especially bad games when you're up against people that are obviously together, thus displaying a high degree of communication. Especially when I'm playing with friends who are rated lower than I am, I still play against people that will speak in russian in the voicechat while everyone else makes it clear they understand nothing. The issue it significantly lessened in US servers for me, most people can communicate properly (but I get high ping so it's not an option usually).

    It's hilarious but a huge huge issue because not everyone will be able to grind out of the middle-high skill levels, thus they will be forced to keep experiencing this.

    2) Getting matched with stacks. I feel that the system undervalues the advantage playing with allies you're able to communicate with provides. It's a simple numerical adjustment though, as it's already being factored in, as it's been already stated by developers. This is a bigger issue in higher skill levels, there are a few notorious stacks, and I feel the system doesn't do a good enough job of making fair matches at this skill point. Wait times should be allowed to be higher instead of broadening the search so fast, maybe even giving a warning to players if they are about to be matched up against people that vastly outclass them,, or when they search is too broad and might result to that.

    Partly related, something I don't like about the matchmaking setup is that there's no indication of advancement. This could be in the form of private leagues where some rating is calculated in inhouse games and displayed only to league members. Or a privately or visible rating for regular matchmaking or a seperate ladder setup. This could also be in the form of a single player only queue, taking care of the last issue as well. As someone without a team to play with and actually compete, it would give me something to aim for, namely to get better ranking.

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    -cant see my own MMR/rating (for the record i dont care about other people stats)

    -solo quers are matched against stacks

    I dont care about anything else
    ,,There is no need to have a patch-anticipation-thread one week early, filled with high expectations,,

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    - No region lock like other games have;
    - High priority if someone fails to connect;

    - No option to filter by languages spoken;
    Why I do not like this: On EU West I find it impossible to communicate with my partners on most games. Most of them only speak russian or italian or spanish and I can only speak english and portuguese. To avoid this I have had to start queueing on US East so I could find people to talk to while having my RTT bumped from around 60 to 120 ms;
    How to improve: Provide option to filter matches by language spoken and add an attribute to games that describes the language(s) allowed in that game. Make it reportable if someone is in a game where only english is allowed (since everyone queued as a speaker of english, for example) and speaks another language instead.

    - Players in parties are not separated from those who queue alone.
    Why I do not like this: I do not like this because I always queue alone and it's a huge disadvantage to play against a team where everyone knows each other and can organize their strategy better over the microphone.
    How to improve: Make it so that people in parties can only queue against other parties.

    - The rating used for matchmaking isn't public;
    Why I do not like this: Because I have no idea of how the system rates my skill, it's hard to keep track of my improvement. People say it doesn't mean anything but if it's used by Valve for matchmaking and if the matchmaking is usually matchning people of similar skill then it has to mean something, right? Why shouldn't I be given access to it?;
    How to improve: Just let us take a peek at it.
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    -Queue reshuffle/priority on failed loaders

    -No region lock
    -No microphone-only option
    -No punishment for people who bail the loading screen
    -No option to specify who I want to play with (i.e. non-rus or americans).

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    - Fairly fast matchup speeds [2-3mins]
    - Rarely thrown versus 2+ stack, with all solos on my side
    - Teammates and opponents of similar level like me [!]
    - Matched up with nice, fun folks [Personality-wise]
    - No stress caused by a visible rating [allows me to play the game, not play for a prettier/higher number] [!]

    - Language barriers {solution: Pre-searching for games give us an "prefered language/player language" or the like option. Match people with same prefered language -> if you check english and still talk in russian/german/french or the like it will be a reportable offense. Since the player broke the agreement that he would keep to the language he checked}
    - Ridiculous ping players[600++] {solution: Pre-setting up the game, check the ping of the player if it exceeds a set threshold don't throw him into the game}

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Maybe I'm in some mistical land that noone knows of, but all my experience with matchmaking has been overwhelmingly positive [currently at very high]. Majority of my games players are of similar skill and game sense as me AND are just as friendly and non-flaming like me. Luck or coincidence, but it's all great on this side.

    I noticed alot of people want personal MM ratings...
    DO NOT give us a visible rating, if increasing that silly number means so much to you do you even realise what will go down when it'll decrease? The small smile you get by raising that precious number is NOTHING, compared to the rage you'll spit out when someone threatens it. Don't give us such toxic ammunition. For pity sakes, you'll notice when you're improving on your own without a number telling you!
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    - The UI and ease of use is great.


    - The vast majority of games are not evenly balanced, especially when queuing with friends who are in a much lower bracket. Improving this is quite simple really, use a publicly documented algorithm like TrueSkill, while allowing each player on the team to gain or lose a different amount of points, depending on their rating in relation to the average ranking of the team they are on. Another way would be to enforce pairings. A tri-queue + solo queue + solo queue should only be up against a tri-queue + solo queue + solo queue. 5 should go up against 5. This evens out the communication and teamplay aspects of DotA 2, which are both vital when it comes to win rate.

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