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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    Analysis of my team by what the players said in the chat:

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    So basically i have 1200 wins and when i queue:
    1) soloqueue = people with 200 wins each
    2) normal queue = 5 man-stacks pubstompers in the enemy team


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    I just had a Phantom Lancer on my team that had a total of 4 last hits at the end of 20 minutes. On what planet is he an acceptable teammate for someone with 1000 wins?

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    There is a technique I have tried but I don't know if it works for everybody. On your 1st game of the day, play absolutely horribly and lose. The next match you will be paired with decent or good players but make sure to win this one. After which the next matches you will be paired with good players. You will have to lose again the next gaming session.

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    This is just a suggestion but would it be possible to put in just one single queue button, however have it branch out? For example if you're playing solo to then be matched up versus other solo players, or if you're in a part stack to go up against other part stacks? or a full 5 stack vs another 5 stack? Playing by yourself and ending up against a 5 stack is terrible, especially when you find out that everyone on your side is by themselves too, but you're up against a full 5 stack. Currently Solo queueing just ends up putting me with people that are better than I am right now. :[

    Having all these seperate queue buttons just spreads everyone out and increases wait times. If there were a "smart queue" system, or just put the check marks in it like selecting a server, it could speed up wait times and make it more fun/fair.

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    - Like:
    It's fast to find games, most of the time.
    Allows some freedom in choosing server and game modes.
    Will very rarely place you in a match with repeated players.


    --Doesn't let you ping or check connection quality with a server before a game, so you have to -ping already in match. Some sort of connection quality indication on the server list could help with that.

    --There's absolutely no excuse not to have more languages on the language list. Spanish and Portuguese, specially, should've been there as soon as the language choice was set up.

    --Getting too many players from different regions in a single game: I do not propose an actual IP block or anything similar, but I do believe that if there's a way to try matching people based on their location even if queeing in a different server, it should be done. In other words, if there's a group of russians around the same matchmaking level queeing on the NA server, it should take their location into account to queue them in the same game / team.

    -- Premade teams should not play against a full random group, it completely ruins the fun of the game. It should at the very least try to group people in 3+ parties against other 3+ parties, or, failing that, the team with solo players should get some sort of mm boost, so players with a higher skill than normal can get into it. Trying to make an "average" group does not work when one of the teams is a party. The solo side should have "better" players to counter the teamwork advantage, instead of trying to average.

    -- All carry games are a problem, I often have to support or else I better have fun playing courierless games. Role selection should be available as a matchmaking option. Also, to ensure players will not do stuff like picking "support" on MM for faster queing and then choosing a mid carry hero, if you filter your matchmaking by role, your hero selection is limited to heroes from that role. Multiple roles or "any" role should be allowed.

    -- Some modes have way too long waiting time. I believe there should be some sort of encouragement to make people queue for non AP modes. Extra BP, higher drop rates, whatever. Something.

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    - nice MMR for me. very balanced between wins and losses.

    - party MMR is too imbalanced. need balancing on both teams' MMR. it's always either losing terribly or winning like a boss.

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    Seriously Valve you need to stop matching 5 randoms against 5 stacks. Even if there are no players available for the 5 stacks, just do not let them start a game even if it means having them wait for longer times.

    4 ouf of my last 6 games were against 5 stacks with my teams consisting of randoms.

    Solo queue does not help as it is a joke curerrently.

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    Russian Federation

    - Multiple options (servers, languages, game modes)
    I really like that Valve doesn't link your account with one specific server based on your IP or initial selection. I hope it stays as it is.

    (weak to strong)

    - No server in Russia
    I live in central Russia and sometimes want to play with a ping less than 100. The “Russian” server, for me, is the same as Europe East (around 100-120).
    Solution: Create a (geographically) Russian server and rename the current “Russian” one to Europe North (or eliminate it altogether).

    - Picking multiple languages
    I think we all know the problem with this: people select multiple languages and don't speak the one you expect them to. Personally, I always choose one language (English when I play on Europe, Russian when I play on Russia) and it irritates me to no end when people don't speak the language I've chosen (I met people on Russian server who tried to communicate in Chinese or Turkish or some European languages, so not only people on EU and US servers have this problem).
    Solution: Limit the choice to only one option and, optionally, make using a language different from that selection a reportable abuse (maybe it's too harsh, yes, so not necessary). I don't think it will fragment the player base more than it currently is.
    I know there are only 3 languages to choose from, but English is the international language so it should be default for people who can't choose their native one.
    I also think it's a good idea to have some sort of tip on the language selection panel, encouraging players to either select the language they are most fluent in or select English as the international option and use the chat wheel more.
    It's understandable that making everyone happy in this regard is impossible, but I'm sure Valve will find the best solution.

    - Rather long Solo queue search time
    I really like this mode, especially because I met nicer and more amicable people there, but sometimes queue times are annoyingly long (>10 min).
    Solution: Add people who queue alone for regular MM to the pool of Solo MM.

    - Unbalanced MM
    This is the problem I'm most concerned about, actually.
    Reading the last few pages of this thread I've noticed that I'm not the only one affected by this. For the last several weeks, regardless if I play alone (regular or solo MM) or with friends, most of the games were complete stomps: either my team utterly destroys the opponents or vice versa. And I hate both. So it's not about streaks or win rate, I simply want to enjoy a fair game, but the types of games where the opponents can't confront you or where your team is being shat on, is no fun.
    Solution: I don't have one. Only Valve can know how this sort of thing can happen. Maybe recently they tweaked the MM algorithm. Maybe I reached a certain MM “level” and it kinda fluctuates. Maybe it's because I play with friends of different skill. Only Valve can answer these more or less accurately. And I hope they will (which is unlikely) and will try to fix this. I'm sure that with the amount of data they have this won't be too hard.

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    In solo MM, me with 200-300 wins, matched against someone with 800 wins.

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