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Thread: General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

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    The treand of fucked up mathes continues. The awesome matchmaking algorithm has failed to provide me with a single decent match in 14 games so far (in a row).

    Latest two games:
    - Lich and krobelus pick, along with a bad magnus player, resulting in a clear gameloss, even though the enemy team was so bad they failed to gank me in 3 man squad twice in a row, then they decided to go for a 5 man gank
    - Even though enemies were so bad I started off with 5/0/4, my allies were even worse, resulting in an unavoidable loss. Another set game by the great matchmaking algorithm
    - Another game where my team decides "random" is a good strategy, which results in our loss due to tryhard enemy pick. Not to mention how bad OD and Alchemist (who only got 3 slots in 60 minutes) were. I was, ofcourse, on the hardest lane, solo bottom without wards that I could put to prevent pulling

    Valve, your programmers need to be fired, as clearly they are not capable of creating a decent matchmaking algorithm. It is simply pointless to play this game any further with stock matchmaking, so I will resign until this is fixed. I will also support everyone who is strong enough to quit dota after so many great years.

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    love Dota2 hate how matchmaking works

    1. low wait times

    Dislikes region locking, every other steam game I have I can always make sure I play with people I understand and can communicate with, Dota2 is a disaster I only select EU west I would rather have uk only, I cant begin to count the amount of games ruined because of communication problems.

    2. why I am matched with players who have less than 100 hrs played total when I have 1800 hrs.

    3. It is shocking that I have to ignore and block all communication for most of eastern Europe just to get a decent game

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    MM would be fine (i i hope) but the problem is that there are too many things MM can't anticipate.

    I. Attitute of a player: is he a pub player who plays for fun building into troll items, tries out new heroes or item-combinations, or combos in a stack etc.(casual/fun) or do you have a serious player who knows theoretical his heroes/plays/items perfect and plays his Number 1 Hero or counterpicks the enemys, adapt to everything and just wants to win at any cost while still wants a close game not stomps.(serious/comp.minded)

    can be prevented by seperated MM's/queues! the problem right now is that neither the casuals nor the serious players enjoy 80% of their game because theses different types are facing each other (which leads into stomps):

    New ranked MM is on the way so this is maybe the solution to this point...let's see

    II. Comfortzone of the player: like a guy who is decent which carrys may suck with supports and the other way round, if MM puts 5 mid players for example into one team, 4 of them will play out of their comfortzone and play less good, while maybe the other teams got more varitys of players. that's just natural.

    can be prevented by giving prefered rolls/lanes/heroes into searchdetails [] (like Dungeonfinder in WoW if you know it) therefore seperated MMR for the rolls (mid, carry, support, offlaner, jungler) like the fantasy teams from the compendium.

    III. Bad/Good Day (other circumstandes): i think nobody need a disc. here.

    can't be prevented

    IV. Pre-Stacks: this is the hardest thing to handle i guess, let's say you have a twomanstack (player1: 3000MMR ; player2: 1000MMR) if all other 8 players on the field have 2000MMR it's just normal that player1 will be better while player2 will be worse, the question is who changes the game more? i personally think that the good player will always be the turnaround if the other players lack of generel knowledge about the game (like creeppull/stack/block, denies etc.). But after that point the worse player will always be the one who determines the outcome (A team is just as strong as its weakest part). And this would be the case if the other 8 players would be perfectly equal, which isn't the case either!

    don't know how this can be prevented, but with seperated queues you will unlikly play with friends who has a huge difference in skill in the ranked queue so at least you prevent these stacks from getting owned by comp.minded players

    V. Playstyle of the players: if you mix aggressive players with passive players you dont syn. as good as a team with one kind of playstyle for example.

    can't be prevented i guess.

    VI. Smurfs/No-Smurfs: real smurfs ruin games in the beginners section, while some new players are considered as smurfs due their good performance in the first matches and ruining games in the higher pools. (

    best example for the first:

    can be prevented by creating a seperated "smurf-pool" insteat of putting all in the higher matchups or this way:

    than there are issues like laggs, communication (language) etc. etc. adn even if i would write down all, many other forum user will find points i haven't listed, but i guess these are the most crucial and important ones.

    PS to official Valve-Mods: i update this post frequently so it would be nice to keep it in mind if you are even reading this thread.

    Most Updates will be in the RMM-feedback thread since i mostly play ranked nowadays
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    everyday i say i will quit dota because of this its so bad cant take it anymore i want to kill myself when i play dota

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    Alright, after an year avoiding the subject, lets provide some good feedback.


    -I like the fact that the players that play against and with me are not too good or not too bad. Some players do some pretty stupid things sometimes but I also do the same thing so... I think it is doing a pretty good job finding players to play with me.
    -I like that the queue time is pretty low.
    -I like that there is a division between languages so people can chose their preferred languages.


    -I dislike the fact that I don't know what server I am playing on. I think the players should be informed on the start of the match.
    -I dislike the fact that I don't know what language should I use. I usually select 3 languages and I'm not informed which language should I use and which language I should expect my team mates to speak on. I think the players should be informed on the start of the match.
    -I dislike the fact that most of the dota 1 modes were not yet ported. Even though it was hard to find lobbies with those modes and people rarely played them, they were pretty fun and an awesome way to keep the game interesting. I think ALL the modes should be ported even though most of them would take forever to find matches.
    -I dislike the fact that the low priority queue is a boolean thing (you are either in or out) and not something more analogic. In my opinion you should be queued with people that have a similar behavior as you, but without making it look like a punishment. Some people like to talk shit more than others, let them play together, others are extremely puritan and never rage, let them play together.
    -I dislike the fact that there isn't a concede feature implemented. I think dota should have a concede feature in a separate pool, in a similar way of the language filters, letting the player chose if they want the feature in their games or not.

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    The way MM is now, for some reason, I just know I will lose the match. The enemies are simply waaay better then everyone on our team, or they are just average and my team is utterly bad. I don't even bother playing for the win anymore, since its a futile attempt.

    Here is how that looks:
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    1. There's that 1/500 game where everyone in the game is coordinated, teams are balanced, and it's very close to a real professional game.

    1. The other 499 games before even getting a chance at the 1/500
    [Fix] Add tiers/rank or create a separate unranked mode for the casuals.
    2. You can be paired with people you've set to Ignore or have blocked all communication with on steam.
    [Fix] Create an internal banlist that prevents the individual from starting any game with a player they have set to ignore.

  8. #908 this explains why ladder is so imprtant and would really improve dota2

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    i dislike fucken mathcmaking

    cause i have 1500 wins,5 hours and dont want play with fucken retards with 100-200 wins

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    solo que MM is broken, absolutely shocking 1800 hrs nearly 800 games played and I get matched with 3 players on my team with less than 100 games between them one picks Spirit Breaker and feeds 0-7 then stays in fountain, clockwerk 1-5 constant blocks team with cogs , nyx abandons after 0-2 the other player has 233 games feeds as clinkz for 0-5 then follows me about stealing kills I was pudge.

    Getting fed up with dota2 out of 5 games tonight, 2 wasted because of griefers 1 because of lower skilled players.

    GAME 1 one mad Russian running about as NS telling everybody he f*** their mum, messing with the courier dropping items out if it, then feeding and oh constant cyka.

    GAME 2 2 Croatians spoke no English bar f*** your mam ( at least Russians can spell it right)1 Bh never used track once not on weaver or drow and veno both with shadow blades, No 2enigma in the jungle then fed for some reason don't know why, as I cant speak Croatian but he sure did type a lot.

    couldn't report any of them as I had no reports lefts.

    some of my friends have moved to planetside 2 think it is time to join them this is not fun anymore valve sort this game out

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