- MatchMaking is pretty fast
- lot's of regions with pretty good ping
- I like that Valve doesn't give any official stats for heroes and items % win ratio. Im not against player rating itself, but these other stats have imo very bad influence on players mindset. From my experience players tend to flame much more if their teammates pick heroes that have low % win ratio on some rating site, or use item build which is not the most popular. Im very happy that there's no stats and I hope it will stay this way.


- that we Lack of real solo queue. I dont like to be forced to play with or against stacks when I sign to play alone. I wish there was an option to avoid game with / against stacks. I dont mind waiting longer for such game. From my experience games with / against stacks have a lot more early ganks and map control, but only on one side which lead to very snowbally and boring game.
- that we Lack of ranked real solo queue and team queue. I'd like to have an option to play with players who like to have some kind of rating visible. Also it should not mix real solo players with stacks.
- that we Lack of personal player blacklist. I realize that this may lead to abuse, but im asking only for limited blacklist. I want to have an option to block up to 3 players from being matched with me in the same team. I believe that such option would help a lot, because it's very fast and you can get rid of very serious griefers and trolls who destroy your items etc before reports will kick in. This doesn't happen very often that's why I ask only for very small list to prevent potential abuse.
- I dislike the fact that players who dc have only 5min to comeback in pub game. This have very nagative impact on my mood and I wish it would get changed to 10min in pub games (in ranked it can stay 5min, because obviously such games are more important)
- that we lack MM mode where every player can ban one hero and then pick from the rest of the pool.