When i 5 man stack I most times get put up against another 5 man stack and have a very fun and enjoyable game


When I don't 5 man stack most of the time i get put with complete idiots (but that my fault anyways for losing a load of solo games by messing around instead of serious play)

Sometimes games are completely stacked against one team though.

Solution: Keep on Dotaing

Dislikes: Moaners about Russian players --> Go to Russian server then you will learn how real Russians play
Russian haters began in Dota1 (Wc3) The main reason was that the Russians were segregated in Wc3 because it didnt support the Cyrillic Alphabet. Effectively they couldn't talk to us most of the time, we just saw ))) "! ) ). Etc Stop hating on the Russians I've seen worse on the US servers

(I'm not a Russian though :L)
Also i dislike the majority of new guys or guys with 100+ wins who always try to carry with supports :<
Solution: Some form of tutorial could be sorted out as you start a dota account, or on the play menu, which would show you last hitting basics and roles.
(You guys have other priorities right now though, but a tutorial of the basics would be nice later on )