- recently added requirement to associate phone number to play ranked. I want to play at my skill level and some players with low mmr smurfs bored.
- recent increase hidden pool(shadow ban) duration. I buy all battle passes since ti6 BP. We all know, 90% battle pass owners complete their quests and spend chips via abuzing. But why purchasing battle pass cause promplems:
cant play ranked MM (permanent game finding)
Attachment 50148
normal matches can be finded, but bad quality matches, playing with same players, long queue time. playing vs bots
Attachment 50149 (match id is 3295707731, more examples: 3295869091, 3192960342. best example 3291169725.)
Before TI7 battle pass its lasts 2 days. but now its lasts more then 2 mounts. Totals i purchased battle pass, now i cant play on my account.
I undestend, when players gets this for permanent time for abuzing MMR or upgrating account level using bots, but not for abuzing battle pass, when 90% battle pass owners do same.

What you can do? Decrease "hidden pool" duration back to 2 days, or at least to week. Remove this restriction from affected acconts (why player purchased BP and when he wants to upgrade his battle bass, gets this restrictions?).