-Fairly quick matchups(finding a match quickly), Unless you play at odd hours.
-Getting matched with mostly the right enemies however while my enemies are matched nearly correct my allies ALWAYS seem to be lacking in skill, due to not understanding how the ranked matchmaking works and playing too much unranked without seeing the consequences when I first started playing I am Ranked 368 mmr and stuck drowning in the trenches(I feel it should be around 600 at the least maybe 1200 at the most(being generous)) in unranked and ranked(occasionally for whatever reason when I play ranked I seem to be matched with mostly higher skilled (than unranked) allies and a variable (rotating) skill of much higher skilled 1100-1800 ranked mmr enemies)

TL;DR; Unranked Enemies just about perfectly matched, Unranked allies not even close 7/10 times, Ranked Enemies 8/10 times ranked appropriately, Ranked Allies always better than me but yet the differences between skill from my team to the enemies is a very large gaps in terms of mmr about 500-1000 point difference between some of my allies to my enemies.

-Getting matched with allies and enemies who do no speak english this is not racism(primarily) at play but the urge to want to be able to communicate with my allies and play with coordinated teams I know region locking is a hot topic what I would propose to fix it is to have at least one region locked server for the US and the EU so that those of us wanting to group with players we can communicate with can effectively just que solely for that server ( not sure how much latency would come with using a single server probably based in the US to handle the English only players for both the EU and the US).

TL;DR; Please add a way to let english players play with english players, I and I'm sure others have been put with peruvians and russians in games and the lack of being able to communicate cost us the win, granted some russians and some peruvians/spanish people can speak decent english but the number that can't outweighs the few that can. At least pseudo region lock them like when they install the game or update it change their match settings to the closest server with the best ping

-Low Pri I understand why it exists and why its there and Why I've been put in it so many times but its absolutely gut wrenching when you either suddenly unexpected have real world obligations to go do or have to use the restroom and you will just be a burden for your team and get the abandon anyway despite being able to comeback in 5-10 minutes and wind up in low priority anyhow it definitely affects your perception of the game as overly punishing, while I'll admit I should have been in low pri not only for abandoning games but for excessive vulgar/abusive language it just seems like the "norm" is 20 games not quit/abandon a match in 24 hours suddenly have to go walk the dog or go to the store for something bam one abandon in 20 games in a period of 2 days and your back in low priority for the MAX of 6 games. I guess what I'm trying to say is the System doesn't account for time put in and it seems like it only resets after one or two weeks (where by reset I mean you can safely abandon 1-2 games before getting right back to low pri). I know some people are going to say why did you start a match if you weren't sure you had the time, well at the time I thought I had the time I can't possibly know what I will have to do 30mins-1 1/2 hours in advance.

TL;DR; Low priority feels like the 7th ring of hell and in my opinion rushes the punish the "offender" rather than take into account why said player abandoned one - two games in short period of time, and doesn't take the effort of the player to continue playing after facing 9 stomps in a row. I also feel like it should be reset daily, so in otherwords instead of playing like 10-20 games in a row and quitting one and getting back into low pri because of the number of times you've quit games is maybe above average, quit 3 in a 24 hour period and go to low pri for max games.

-Reports only seem to work if enough people or enough reports have been issued for the same reasoning against a player, I also believe the 3 you get aren't enough for a single day(i think they reset at the end of a 24hour period?) you can potentially play upwards of 15 - 30 people a day and maybe 8 or 9 really toxic players(full on raging players, chronic abandoners, courier feeders, really deserve a report with perhaps 3-4 more maybe warranting one(trash talk, minor(in number not in impact) racist remarks), TLR; Report system appears to have little impact on bad behavior as well as not having enough to use per 24hour period would recommend upping the number to at least 7 or 8(but add the restriction to two usuable per player).

-Captians Mode This mode has some of the closest games I've Played yet also has some of the most stomps I've ever had usually due to people picking captain that shouldn't be captain or don't know how to be captain and will usually choose the pub favorites unless they are banned or already taken what I would suggest to fix this is give the player with the highest mmr on the team first dibs unless they relinquish it I realize that it would probably lose some of its allure and you should probably only do it for "my tier" but in the tier I am people often rush to hit "become the captain" without even asking their team mates and proceed to force bad picks onto your team and quite often enough blame you for not being able to play their picks as to why the team lost, despite you and your teammates providing them with enough options of heroes you and they can play. I love playing Captains mode just because you get to see what kinds of teams are (usually thoughtfully) formed.

I love playing dota but my number one complaint is getting put into low pri everytime I leave either due to rage or having real world commitments/problems(food,restroom) despite the time between my abandons being relatively far apart.

Thank you for your time - Cicero(formerly as of today Noira)