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Thread: [Fixed] Roshan Doesn't Slam

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    [Fixed] Roshan Doesn't Slam

    In every game I played and watched, I found that Roshan will not use the skill Slam when there were 3 or more units nearby. Is this kind of a bug?

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    it used to slam, i also dont know why developers have removed that, but its a big gamer changer because early roshes are alot easier to kill now.

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    Huh, I thought it slammed without an animation.

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    "Roshan will not cast Slam unless there are 3 or more units near him." SOurce

    Looks like it's bugged.

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    Yeah it was slamming in dota 2 previously, but it hasn't been recently from my observations (no actual dedicated testing though), weird... Maybe it just got broken at some point.

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    it does not slam since the greeveling i think they fucked the greevil roshan up a bit and removed the slam trigger in the process.
    @devs: 3 units in melee range = slam else remove the skill and tell us it is intended...

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    Added to sticky as a bug.
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    this should be fixed on the test client.
    please confirm.
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    It does slam, without any animation, like every other Neutral Creep...
    But yeah, it is fixed.

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