Oh the irony...


Visage's Gravekeeper's Cloak layers are getting reapplied once Visage respawns or resurrects.
The layers should remain unaffected with both actual Death and Aegis'd Death.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Get a Visage with Gravekeeper's Cloak, level 1 for best results
  2. Give him an Aegis of Immortal or a Bloodstone with charges greater than his level
  3. Create a random enemy unit for the future steps
  4. (Assuming that the Layer Bug is fixed)
  5. Hit him with 4 consequtive attacks, as fast as you can, and right after the 4th attack
  6. Kill or kill him
  7. Wait for him to resurrect or respawn

Current Result:

Visage resurrects or respawns with 4 layers of Gravekeeper's Cloak.

Expected Result:

At the point he has resurrected or respawned, if it has passed more than 12/10/8/6 seconds after the first blow...
Okay, it is impossible to write a proper expected result to this, until the Layer Bug is fixed.

Basically, the layers shouldn't get fully refreshed and reapplied after any sort of Death. The layer reappliance countdown timers should ignore everything, and reapplied regarding their set timers, no matter what. Even pause (if existed) should not be able to delay it, and even Death/Resurrection should not be able to make it happen sooner.

This was the last one of my bug reports for Reincarnation/Aegis related issues. There might be more, I have just had a look on a heroes list, and have chosen the heroes with skills that might have been having issues. I was using the dota2wiki page as my list, and Visage was the last.
Actually, Troll Fervor and Battle Trance may also have this case... I will check them, too, and those will be my last for my mass check.
Feel free to add more issues under the same category.
Feel free to use one of my reports as a template for further reports.