If a unit that is under the effect of Battle Trance (Troll Warlord) resurrects, the unit loses the Battle Trance buff. Battle Trance should persist.
No issues with actual Death.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Get a Troll Warlord with Battle Trance, give him an Aegis of Immortal
  2. Create an allied Skeleton King with Reincarnation
  3. Create a random enemy hero for the last step
  4. Cast Battle Trance, and not much after...
  5. Kill the Troll Warlord and the Skeleton King

Current Result:

Both of the heroes resurrect without the Battle Trance buff.

Expected Result:

Battle Trance buff should persist on the units that resurrect.
Battle Trance has a duration of 10 seconds, which means that this could be important for both types of resurrection.

Battle Trance is not getting applied to heroes that are currently at limbo, which is all correct.
Battle Trance is getting removed with actual Death, which is also correct.

Surprisingly Fervor is issue free. So this was my final report on my list of mass Resurrection-related reports.
Thanks to trena for taking care of all these reports.