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Thread: This new shop is impractical

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    This new shop is impractical

    Since 7.00 I had to click once to go back to the shop I am used to. The one where you have access to all the items and can buy them in a click. Not a selection of 15 items that do not reflect all the options this game has.

    Now, with today's update, I have to either launch a wordsearch or click EACH TIME I want to access the old shop, and fully developped it takes a third of my screen.

    I understand you promoting the guides for newer players. However I as an old player do not care about them. Sometimes you need to buy a Diffusal or a MKB on Terrorblade, and the recommended guide doesn't include them. I'd like an option to hide/disable those limiting guides and access the old shop with the least number of clicks needed.

    Even the 7.00 option where I had to click once every game to access it was fine for me (I'd rather have a game option to disable/enable guides but I'd do with the 7.00 option). Now it's plain ridiculous, having to do twice the actions to get the same items.

    RLR W.

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    I'm completely behind this!!!!
    Let's say that suggested items as default is fine to be noob friendly.


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