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Thread: 16:9 vs 16:10, inequality

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    16:9 has an advantage, both in play area and UI

    I use a 24" 16:10 1920x1200 native resolution office monitor because the extra 120 vertical pixels are extremely handy for processing A4 formatted documents (no zooming) and text in general (more lines). Having used lower resolutions in games before due to horsepower issues, I've noticed what an effect the in-game Field of View can have on player performance - a wider/bigger perspective allows you to react to the game's events much better as you can use more time moving your unit(s) and less time moving the screen. And of course you can spot (AND click on!) that hostile (or friendly) unit earlier and easier if you have the vision, as opposed to gluing your eyes to the map and missing your micro timings.

    Testing the in-game advantage, I took these shots of the game (private lobby, Tournament). I moved the camera to the very right edge of the play area and leveled it on the emblem/shield. (1080p, scaled fullscreen) (1200p, native borderless window)

    Switching from one shot to the other, the HUD seemed to take up more space in 16:10, so I roughly calculated the ratios. In 16:10 the HUD eats up 23.2% of screen space and in 16:9 the HUD eats up 22.9%, so relatively speaking there is no major difference, as the 1,3% discrepancy could be partly due to inaccurate measurements, but the 16:10 HUD is effectively bigger in the player's eyes (and under the mouse cursor) due to the higher resolution (1920 x 1200 = 230,4000 pixels / 1920 x 1080 = 207,3600 pixels). I also think the bigger map is an oversight in 16:10, as it blocks that corner's vision more than in 16:9, where it's not pushed so close to the next tall element, the hero portrait. The bigger HUD may be a positive or negative thing, depending on how you see it (ha, puns; but seriously, bigger elements are easier to hit but also slower to move over), but the crowded corner is definitely a hindrance.

    Another effect on the interface I noticed is having 1 more column in the menu's Friends list in 16:9.

    Valve has been very clever about the in-game UI to make it scale to different resolutions (filler elements, screen area share), but 16:10 has little disadvantages even there (crowded map corner, effectively bigger HUD elements - accidental map clicks, anyone?).

    What do I think of the 16:9 advantages? They are clearly present both in the play area and, to an extent, in the UI. At 16:10 vs 16:9 and 1200p vs 1080p it is noticeable, but not in my opinion game-breaking for casual play (but competitive play or bigger resolutions and ratios, on the other hand...). I do wish Valve would implement the "C is constant" strategy suggested so everyone had equal vision of the play area in terms of FoV, but they're doing an okay job so far. My biggest concern is the UI getting in the way, as playing in 16:9 feels much more spacious and the UI just works better (less accidental map clicks for one thing). The downsides of using 16:9 on a 16:10 monitor are scaling affecting image quality (slight blurring due to image pixels not matching panel pixels, i.e. not pixel-perfect) and having to use fullscreen mode instead of a borderless window (latter being better for alt-tabbing/multitasking etc.).

    Personally I'm just going to deal with it, as the difference is not massive for casual players with ordinary equipment, and I can go 16:9 if I really want to, but in principle the system is currently flawed and should be fixed. Favouring 16:9 I can understand, as it is the most common Steam user single monitor ratio, but that does not mean 16:10 or the massive width (multimonitor) FoV advantage should be neglected.

    Why did I reply to the 16:10 vs 16:9 thread only? Because I think those are the two ratios that matter. Square resolutions are less useful, as you can't have a very tall display as easily as a very wide one, and well over half of the users in Steam's hardware survey use common widescreen resolutions (768p, 900p, 1050p, 1080p, 1200p).
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    Quote Originally Posted by zicoslaw View Post
    I use the 16:10 and 1440 x 900 in my monitor, but makes the right top corner stay with a little bug...


    How to fix it?
    I don't see the issue here, could you elaborate?
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    In those screenshots, it looks like 16:10 enjoys an extra 20 vertical pixels, while 16:9 enjoys an extra 200 horizontal pixels.

    There's only a slight extra gap between the aegis up top and hud, and that rock at the bottom and the hud.
    On the other hand, 16:10 gets a whole bunch of extra detail on the sides.

    I guess it's nice that it seems the 16:10 FoV is SLIGHTLY wider, but that's still a big disparity. It's actually significantly larger, but the HUD is scaled up so much to negate what would otherwise be even.

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    well still there's no solution yet i'm force to play on a 16:10 cause of this. Or else i would use my 19"CRT in 2048x1536 but this FOV thing in ruining everything ... i've tried in 1080p with black bars but until i don't find a way to change the size of the in-game letters i can't read anything as the resize fuck it all.

    Or maybe add a stretch screen solution? so it maybe feels weird but having the same view for everyone?

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    If you guys think 16:9 versus 16:10 is a bitch, try playing on a 4:3 monitor. You guys have no idea how much FOV I'm screwed out of.

    I like the "equal" tiles suggestion at the beginning of this thread. If your monitor aspect ratio is different, just give us more vertical information for narrower monitors and more horizontal information for wider monitors.

    I feel like I have a totally different experience playing the game with 4:3 because the FOV forces you to be so close. When are you zoomed in that close, the extra information on your left and right side go a long way.

    This would be my major UI suggestion after having played 700+ hours.

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    Well, I've played on 5:4 monitor with 1280x1024 for 3 years and it was ok. Now I've bought a 1920x1200 monitor and still can't see full HUD. Wtf is this bullshit?

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