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Thread: DOTABUFF and Privacy Option Feedback

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    This topic deserves my first post.

    Some of us may be missing the point here.
    I think it's not just about privacy or no-privacy.

    The only thing I see wrong is the accelerated and drastic change Valve is implementing. It's clear that valve cares about 3rd party programs/organisations; such things as tournaments, websites, and so on are a clear example. And, If I'd be a guy from I wouldn't rage screaming "why are you shutting me down!", no, I'd say something like "if you're changing, can you give us some time to addapt?"

    I think the community is raging because of this. A quick and un-expected change from Valve which, in this case (at the eye of the beholder), is solely hurting the people at
    So, my humble opinion is to point this issue from a different perspective, maybe a slower one (even if there's a drawn deadline), but that doesn't create this kind of collateral damage.

    My 2 cents, hope it gets nicer for everyone of us who love dota2.

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    I strongly believe that the stats should be available for sites to use in combination with a clear and easy opt-out setting.
    From reading some comments it seems like if most people who voted no, chose that option because of dotabuff and similar websites not respecting their privacy-settings.
    I believe that this is mainly a misunderstanding where people believe that thy would have no control and that these persons would be happy with an easy-to-use opt-out solution.

    Ps. I apologize if I have put words in peoples mouth. This only represents my opinion and my own conclusions.

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    dont worry i just spent more on the dota 2 store than you prob make in a year

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    Valve wants DOTA 2 as casual as possible so that it can sell more hats and that's why they killed DOTABUFF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlucardSensei View Post
    Do quotation marks mean nothing to you? It's not meant to be taken literally, obviously. Also "il·le·gal 2. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass. " So I would be in the true even without the quotation marks.
    Playing guessing games with text-based communication is about as fun as playing 1v5 vs Na'Vi.. And a lot of other people have been making garbage posts about how ~illegal~ and ~evil~ parsing replays is, it's not just you.

    I am a Valve fanboy and I have to say that Valve has done a great job here. Kudos to Valve.

    Respecting player privacy, making Dota 2 more friendly to newbies, not allowing third party sites to make newbies feel bad, etc.

    Think about it guys. Dotabuff is here to rip us off. In order to see the DBR of other players you will have to subscribe to PLUS for $6 a month. Nobody ever meant for DBR to be totally free. As Dotabuff website said, only your PERSONAL DBR will be free.

    Dota 2 is a FREE TO PLAY GAME. Microtransactions are the lifeline of the game. If gamers spend their money on Dotabuff they will buy less cosmetic items, and Valve will have to shut down Dota 2.

    Dota 2 is not like Dota 1. And Dota 2 is much better than Dota 1, in terms of graphics, leaver punishment, etc.

    And as experience from League of Legends shows, letting players know their ELO will result in too much focus on improving personal rankings, detracting from the purpose of the game. Many LoL players complain of being stuck in "ELO Hell" and rage like hell.

    And for those who like to complain about the matchmaking system, please go watch a few professional level games. Then you will realise that even professional games tend to be stomps most of the time. Yes, that is just how Dota works. All about hero picks and counter picks and early game ganks. My personal Dota statement is that, Dota games are not won by good play, but they are lost by bad play. Think about this.

    Thank you Valve. God bless ye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stimpy View Post

    Goodbye DBR system.
    ^ Dotabuff got shutdown cuz of guys like this one. Just because they suck at d2 it shouldn't be allowed for anyone to see it.

    Well played valve, i go download League of Legends now. At least there they appreciate community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baguvix View Post
    I am a Valve fanboy and I have to say that Valve has done a great job here. Kudos to Valve.

    Respecting player privacy, making Dota 2 more friendly to newbies, not allowing third party sites to make newbies feel bad, etc.
    If you were a Valve-fanboy you knew that they encourage players to create content

    - DBR (only yours was visible, so nobrainer anyway) was the only feature you could not get from the ingame client, all other features would be accessible but just infinitely more time consuming to find out, thats why -> dotabuff aggregating information = very practical
    - dotabuff was going to include the privacy option into their client

    Valve wants everyone to use the API? So make it parse all the data you can get from replays and put it out there. And would it have hurt to give a big service to the community a heads up with the API so they can grant a fluent transition between the old parsing of replays and the new parsing through webAPI. I know Valve does not need to lick everyone's shoes and they do a great effort for the community, but I think communication with the community is really lacking lately.
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    Guys calm down. We still have hero performance bars and can prove our worth as a player when playing with 4 random people against Russian mafia Puppey -ap instant hero lock 5 man stacks.

    All is cool.

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    I would ban him from foruns and somehow prevent him from playing Dota 2. Just doesn't deserve it.

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