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Thread: [Fixed] Kinetic field and pounce interaction (with each other)

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    [Fixed] Kinetic field and pounce interaction (with each other)


    When disruptor casts his kinetic field on an enemy hero, it is possible to leave the kinetic field when slark pounce that enemy hero (although the enemy hero is still leashed by the pounce.

    1. -createhero slark
    2. -createhero disruptor
    3. -createhero x enemy
    4. Cast kinetic field with disruptor on the enemy hero
    5. Hit the enemy hero with pounce while kinetic field is still up
    6. Let the enemy hero walk out of kinetic field

    Enemy hero x is able to walk out of kinetic field.

    Expected result:
    Enemy hero x should still be restricted by kinetic field (as by pounce).

    Now before you think this has been posted already since in the common bug list there are thread names similar.
    Here they are:

    These are, however, slightly different. (one with counter helix, other just naming both skills but with a different bug)

    A mod could merge this thread with the counter helix thread as it's under the category "Heroes glitch out of kinetic field".

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    Yeah, I never had the thought that this is a duplicate of anything as soon as I have read the summary.

    I confirm as a valid Bug. Each spell should restrict players individually, while currently Pounce overcomes the Kinetic Field.

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    I'm not creating a (correct) thread for it to be forgotten. So bump.

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    added to sticky
    Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

    Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.

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    confirming this

    Match id:


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