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Thread: Euls scepter interaction with Bounty hunter's track.

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    Euls scepter interaction with Bounty hunter's track.

    Well i was playing a game today,i tracked Invoker with Bounty hunter,then he casted euls scepter to himself,and he removed track ..Is that intended or not?I searched it on google,nothing was certain and the post to playdota was about dust.some of the posters claimed it worked some of them claimed not.

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    Yes, Eul's purges most debuffs.

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    Reporting from W3 Dota 6.77; yes it is intended for an allied/enemy Eul's Scepter Cyclone to dispel Track.

    And right now, tested on Dota 2, too.
    Allied Cyclone removes it correctly, like you have reported.
    Enemy Cyclone, however, unfortunately, does not. Which is a bug.

    Same thing applies for Diffusal Blade's purge, too.

    Summed up;
    Allied Cyclone (Eul's Scepter of Divinity) and Purge (Diffusal Blade) should and is removing the Track (Bounty Hunter).
    Enemy Cyclone and Purge, however, are not removing in Dota 2. They both should.
    That is why you won't (at least shouldn't) cast Purge on a Tracked Riki on DotA...

    This is not an entirely useless report, and should rather be kept on, since it pointed out another related bug.

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