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Thread: Spirit Panda, please delete from store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyokoSimon View Post
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    Enough reasons to delete panda, i think.
    Yeah because every single reply is against the panda, how dumb can you be? prove me more.

    I've seen your steam inventory, you OWN the fucking panda, why did you buy it if you hate it? because you know if it's deleted from the store it'll be worth alot and you can get alot of money, shut up, it's not gonna do you any good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by altair View Post
    Panda doesn't suit lone druid at all, colorwise and whateverwise...
    How about Valve selling an item to make Lone Druid can also transform to Panda??? :-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taketwo View Post
    I agree, if Brewmaster's colour scheme was changed to no longer resemble that of a panda (his original look), why would you add another panda? This is really weird and confusing, delete please.
    Quote Originally Posted by frankles View Post
    Isn't it funny the only two people supporting this both joined JAN 2013 and its their FIRST POST
    Quote Originally Posted by RyokoSimon View Post
    calm down, its mah friends
    lets add in game some cute girls, hamsters and blue midgets then, ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by marek View Post
    i would suggest to ban RyokoSimon . lets see how many agree with me
    Quote Originally Posted by Taketwo View Post
    Why would we? He seems to be a genuinely good guy. And his reasons are solid. As for his equipped panda, well maybe that's what made him post feedback on the forums in the first place, he experienced it first-hand and felt that it was out of place. After all, that's what we should discuss here - this abomination of a pet, not some poor guy's fate.
    LOL biggest fail ever. "seems to be a genuinely good guy"
    its your fucking friend and you're all just traders or the same person that want your panda to go up in value

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    well, even if op is just a trader with multiple accounts - i have the opinion that the panda is pretty close to the line that the alpine set crossed. dota is supposed to be a serious game and both of these items ridiculize it. you have to understand: i dont want it to become as trashy as hon.

    i'm not sure if the panda is too overdone or not - but please, valve: don't go further.

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    I believe in having the freedom to discuss newly added items, even if it is asked to have them removed, because it can still give Valve feedback concerning their acceptance policies.
    That being said though, what I see here is a thread where discussion is slowly degrading, an overwhelming objection versus the proposed action, and a rather ignorant OP. For those reasons, I see fit that this thread will be closed now.
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