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Thread: CHAT WHEEL suggestions + ability range indicators (Detailed)

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    Lightbulb CHAT WHEEL suggestions + ability range indicators (Detailed)

    First of all something I would like to suggest is the ability to customize the chat wheel. At the very least the POSITION of texts. I was at first going to suggest a more logical arrangement by switching Stun with Well Played (since Stun is mostly offensive and adding that next to the Push would make more sense). But then I thought that everyone will have their own way of arranging them. So giving people the ability to change the arrangement might make the pretty much unused but important commands like Help and Stun more used. In addition it would be a good idea to give us the ability to add our own commands, or subtract the ones we don't need. Like Need Wards.

    Now the command that should be added by default is Need Mana! So many times I am forced to type oom in a middle of a heated fight, or die because someone else is oom but didn't mention it. Or I have to type "arcane boots" in chat while in a fight (that is why I used Need Mana as opposed to Out of Mana)

    I really don't think that Need Wards should be a part of the chat wheel. It is really not hard to type in chat, and would be better off being replaced by Need Mana.
    I am also not very sure about the usefulness of Help! since people always just simply ping their character, and it's always quite clear that they need help. Perhaps a button to tell people to get ready for a combo or an ability would be more useful. Like Siren could use it before switching off her ultimate, or Dark Seer could use it before vacuuming everyone on Nevermore.

    Another thing that often bothers me is the fact that so many abilities are lacking proper range indicators, leaving many people guessing. Which is not good since ability range and area of affect are crucial for proper play. First of all PLEASE add indicator when we mouse over items such as Mekanism, Arcane Boots, Orchid of Malevolence, etc. I have no idea why that isn't in the game yet, and it's always very hard to judge whether my Mekanism or Pipe will hit since I only have a guess as to what their range is. (Mekanism quite large and Pipe up close)
    Also, abilities like Nevermore's rays really need to have range indicators. When you mouse over his rays, it should show a circle in front of Nevermore as to where this ray will hit and how big of an area. Also 'cone' abilities (like Queen of Pain's ultimate, jakiro/dragon knight's fire) need to have, not only a green circle to show range, but also a red cone in front of them to show the spread of the cone. we need to somehow know the range and spread of EVERY ability without having to rely on complete guess work

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    You really should use the search function before posting. It saves time and you possibly achieve more when bumping existing threads

    Regarding your chat wheel suggestion, you can leave your suggestion here.
    I'd like to add that this suggestion might be more usefull.

    Obviously your range indicator has been suggested as well. On top of this there is a debate, wether it is wanted by the community to show range at all. You might like to put your two cents there.

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