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Thread: Game Time and Replay Time slightly out of sync

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    i guess they have to change the replay format a bit before they can allow downloading them again.
    because of player names and such.
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    What steps should I take to try to get this confirmed? It is still occurring and I found an instance where it had an impact in a pro game. The following two games did not have any pauses, per my replay parser and confirmed with Bruno's replay parser.

    Example of it still occurring:
    Match ID 127332653
    Game clock reads: 00:11, replay time reads 15:10 seconds. Difference of 14 minutes 59 seconds.
    Game clock reads: 43:02, replay time reads 57:57. Difference of 14 minutes 55 seconds.

    Second example (this had an effect on the game, though not on who won the game):
    Match ID: 111805052
    First image from the game:,VEYGdyR
    Second image from the game:,VEYGdyR#1
    Time difference between the two clocks goes from 12 minutes 40 seconds to 12 minutes and 35 seconds.

    While this may seem inconsequential, in this game a hero died just after the aegis disappeared. Using one method the game uses to track time (time stamps/the game clock) the aegis expired correctly and the hero should have died. Using another method the game uses to track times (the tick system where each second of game time is broken down into 30 ticks), the aegis should have still had 14 ticks (or roughly .5 seconds left) before expiring.

    I can't say for certain which of these ways of tracking time is correct but it is possible that the current method of tracking aegis time (an presumably a host of other things) is incorrect and that the aegis does not last 6 minutes. Rather it could last only 5 minutes and ~59.5 seconds. The other alternative is that the tick way of tracking time is incorrect and this could lead to issues in comparing events across the game.

    Edit: Match 50945547 also has the possible Aegis bug where the hero died right after the Aegis was lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razumov View Post
    I'm wondering why the difference between the two times would change as the game progressed. If there are no pauses the difference shouldn't change.
    It's because you're comparing two differents things, the client time (replay time) versus the server time (game time).

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