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Thread: [Suggestion] Option to see which games earned you commendations

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    [Suggestion] Option to see which games earned you commendations

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    Always nice seeing those numbers grow but would be even more rewarding if you could see which games netted you those commendations. This would encourage commendation-worthy play, make the player reminisce good games of the past and perhaps improve the community.

    I think that the function of commendations (which is none?) should stay the same to prevent any further abuse. However, I think that Valve should encourage people to commend players at the end of the game with a notifier or something along those lines.

    They should make the commendations feel rewarding without actually making them so. Some way to do this would be to combine the commendations to some kind of 'score' that would be visible to you at the Dota profile.

    All of this seems superficial of course and in many ways it is, but if there's a way to get even a small percentage of players more involved in improving the community by thriving to get commendations, it's a feature worth the effort in my opinion. Especially since the effort in this case wouldn't be too big.

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    Upon closing out of the score screen you should see a message if you've been recently commended.

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    Good Idea +1

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    sounds good but this comend thins bullshit

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