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Thread: GetMatchHistory and matches duration

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    GetMatchHistory and matches duration


    Im currently developing a website to show Dota 2 games but I have a problem with matches duration.

    WebAPI only shows me matches that people leaves meaning that almost all my matches duration is between 00:00:30 and 00:05:00 minutes, some of them are about 00:20:00 minutes, but I never get a "normal" match with a normal duration.

    Does someone have the same problem and found a solution?


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    Thats because allmost every game played now on dota is from LPQ. You can thank Valve for it. Tobi and Purge casted a talk about drowning of community to same as HoN and LoL. As for LPQ players they get no punishments for left games, more and more ppl are choosing this way.

    //nothing wrong with API

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    Well the offenders get their own pool, so I don't see the problem. I almost never see someone leaving the game.

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    Because the matches are ordered by id

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