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Thread: [Suggestion] Store/Backpack Password

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    [Suggestion] Store/Backpack Password

    I will post this every day and say that it will be much better to make a store (Backpack) password in Dota 2 lobby because of people and especially friends who are in the network i play in who steals my items or delete some of them. My friend today deleted a Rare item for Nature's Prophet which i really liked and wanted to complete the set.

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    So you're saying you left your computer unlocked in a LAN environment with your "friends" who decided to do something stupid and delete some of your items?

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    If you press Windows key+L, not only will your dota 2 backpack be protected, but everything else will be protected too. You'd better be grateful you only got some dota items deleted; I would have ransacked your pron collection and hid all your saved word documents.

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