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    I wanted to write up a few examples of WebAPI consumers, so I spent some of my free time coming up with this one.

    Source code and up-to-date description lives here:

    Live League Game Signature Image

    This example is a feasible forum signature that will show forum-goers the currently-live league matches occuring on Dota 2 at the time. It will rotate through all of the live league games, giving each one 3.5 seconds of visibility before moving onto the next and wrapping back around to the first.

    This image is an example of what the signature looks like, but is not live itself. Visit this link to see a live version.


    • WebAPI: GetLeagueListing
    • WebAPI: GetLiveLeagueGames
    • Caching: Using Memcached to reduce latency by caching WebAPI results
    • Images: Using ImageMagick to render images on-demand.

    Source code:
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