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Thread: Update Notes - January 30, 2013

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    Update Notes - January 30, 2013

    NOTE: This update has reorganized the file layout of Dota 2 to speed up loading and for future localization support. This will result in a large update and may take a while to download.

    - Fixed how magic damage is amplified when there are multiple sources of bonuses.
    - Death Prophet: Fixed Exorcism healing never resetting.
    - Enigma: Tightened selection area of Eidolons to make picking individual units easier when they clump
    - Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down not slowing magic immune units.
    - Spectre: Spectral Dagger now properly trails invisible units.
    - Spectre: Fixed various properties of Haunt illusions being incorrect.
    - Tiny: Fixed Craggy Exterior working on illusions of Tiny.
    - Visage: Fixed Roshan decreasing Gravekeeper's Cloak charges.
    - Visage: Fixed Gravekeeper's Cloak not restoring its layers independently of one another.
    - Warlock: Fixed Flaming Fist damage not leveling properly, damaging magic immune units, and having incorrect chance to proc.
    - Fixed a bug with Radiance kill credit and illusions.
    - Fixed Roshan no longer casting Slam to slow and damage nearby units.

    - The Smooth Drag option now works for anyone that's spectating (whether through DotaTV or as a broadcaster).
    - Reduced waiting time in hero picker during All Random to 10 seconds.
    - Reworked how your personal hero performance is done on your profile page (provide feedback here
    - Added preview for summoned items like the panda and watcher golem to store and backpack.
    - Added the ability to filter out empty teams from the team list.

    - Fixed some incorrect timing calculations that were causing bots to miss some last hits.
    - Fixed Practice vs Bots not properly selecting the nearest server.
    - Fixed Death Prophet bot to know about the true range of Crypt Swarm.
    - Fixed bots thrashing selling a situational item (dust, wards, TP scroll) to purchase another situational item.

    - Added Captain's Mode Picks and Bans.
    - Added ability upgrade order and times to each player.
    - Added inventory for additional units (Lone Druid's Spirit Bear).
    - Added an API for getting match details in the order they were recorded.

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    No Tusk, sad pandabeartuskthing

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    cry more, they'll release it faster

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    Fix relocate moving the camera
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    Volvo,I am dissapoint.

    Well,at least they fixed Spectre bug.

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    maybe add the newer heroes to captains mode alrdy?
    its about time
    poor update looking forward to next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by shdw View Post
    maybe add the newer heroes to captains mode alrdy?
    its about time
    poor update looking forward to next week
    I believe Valve and IceFrog want to keep the game stable right now so they are reluctant to add heroes to Captains Mode. A lot of heroes are still quite buggy and so forth. Synderen relayed this information yesterday on his Stream. On my personal view, bombing CM with a bunch of new heroes could also cause a huge metagame swing and professionals are already trying to get the hang of the new meta introduced recently with the huge update that nerfed a ton of heroes and buffed others.

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