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Thread: My two cents on the performancebar change

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    I strongly dislike the new performance stats change.

    I would rather see the old stats list of how I fare with each hero compared to other players. At least those stats gave me some idea of how well I was actually playing specific heroes compared to everyone else. (Usually poorly, but at least I got some idea, even if in very general terms.)

    If possible, please keep both types of stats (me vs other players / my best heroes based only on W/L record). Please don't remove the comparison vs other players.

    I also liked the old minimum of 5 games versus the new 4.
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    I don't even understand the logic behind performance bars. It's nearly impossible to be accurate because there are so many variables out of the users control that dictate how well they do in a game. I have heroes that I have 70% winrate on with like 40ish games played, yet the performance bar is lower than my Drow Ranger who I have 6 games played on. It doesn't make sense... why even try?

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    +1. But, responding to this:

    "it's easy to tell which hero is YOUR best hero"

    So i got furion as one of my maxed heroes. I suck completely with him, like really all my games I had crappy farm and then i quitted playing him all together. I won some of course but he is one of my worst heroes. How can this judge him to be my best hero when I suck with it? Pretty inaccurate imo. But your opinion is great and I completely agree. Making both available will satisfy everybody. Oh and please make it ordered in both versions.

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