I think performance of players should give more relevance to other stuff than just kills, deaths and assists (k/d/a). It should also take in account spending on support, damage done to towers and buildings, healing/support skills used, damage dealt to heroes and some individual stats depending on the hero picked for team battle oriented heroes (like number of simultaneous enemies captured by and ulti for enigma or number of heroes that get in contact of the wall for Dark Seer).

The most crucial for me should be damage on buildings and spending on support, because these are stuff that should be encouraged and are really underappreciated on stats.
I get that k/d/a is a really compact way to rate a player but it should at least have two more key values like k/d/a/bd/s where bd can be a calculation based on Building Damage done per game and S a calculation based on Support per game, where the values are weighted to produce a reasonable scale!

The Building damage would encourage push strats and should have a relation between damage done and the time in the game that it was done, that would encourage fast push strats without discouraging K/D/A, becouse those would add stats also.

For last the support value should take into account stuff like gold spent on wards/gem/dust/smoke/cour/flycour, the times in the game that it was done and the support items bought and their use (mekans heal, pipe damage taken, and stuff like that).

sorry for my bad english, i hope someone read this and if u did, ty for reading!