I think this is a problem that should be addressed. Not sure how to get arround it.

So we have KDA ingame, which favors nukers/carry. This system rewards these players. And everybody feeels great if the have kills, and feels bad if they have assists.

Imo K = A. and the amount of damage / lockdown should be measured. A simple silence can win a fight and should matter more than xx00 dmg being done by some one.

Please take down the KDA system.

Moving on stats. just track all stats as dotabuff, and give badges like dotalicious did. Ur probably working on this already.

Imo if you change the KDA system, the performance issue will be clearer. a bit.. it still leaves the split pushers. meeh. There should be a way to tell people how much a guy won positioning and how much he farmed and towrs he took down INGAME. Why make the statistics private from your teamates ? so they can flame you for doing shit if you dont have good KDA ?